March Brown

1) Sleepy kitty

2) (kind of a cheat) Picture my aunt sent me last week of my grandmother and her friends knitting. She is the 4th from the left.

3) The back of sweet Bubbles looking out our bedroom window

4) A horse from our neighborhood stable

5) Bubbles feet

6) The chocolate cake I just made!

7) Blanket Bubbles sleeps with every night. Hand made by a dear friend.


February Gray

February Gray…

Bubbles hand on our fountain

My hair

Shoes, already outgrown 😦

New York Snow (yuck!)

New sweater

Bubbles checking out her new sweater

The remotes, duh!

My jammies

January BLUE

seems all i do these days is chase bubbles around the house and take pictures… SOOOO i decided to join Olive in this this super fun photography project

i will admit that i forgot about the project until i saw olive’s post this morning, but i pulled what i had and took a few additional (so they are perhaps not the most inspired shots!)

so here goes the first month…

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hugs and kisses

Bubbles and I wanted to send out some hugs and kisses!

We are doing well. I have been working full time for the last month. A great opportunity came up and I jumped on it. I went from a small time (couple hours a day/ two day a week) gig to a full time (mon through friday, 8 hours a day) gig. It has been a big adjustment, but we are super lucky that Dakota’s mom lives nearby and has been coming over every day to watch Bubbles.

I miss Bubbles when I am at work, but my freelance gig is a ”fix this big mess” kind of gig, so I am totally busy and distracted while at work so I don’t have the brain space to get too sad 🙂 it is hard getting the space and time to pump and occasionally I am not able to and then I feel like I will explode. I am finding it pretty hard to accept that the ratio of breast milk to formula has now reversed completely and she gets MUCH more formula than breast milk 😦

Bubbles is HUGE. She is sitting like a champ, and pulling herself around her crib even though she has not yet started crawling.

I am still healing, well it doesn’t feel like anything is getting better really, but so far it is not getting worse! I have not been able to figure out how to get to physical therapy since i started working 😦

We are thrilled that we will get to visit with some out-of-town bloggy friends on Sunday… YAY!!!

Been thinking of all you out there in blogland and wanted to say hey!

xxoo Mulberry


yesterday bubbles had her first bit (and bite) of solid food…

she really wanted my nectarine, so we decided to let her go for it… she LOVED it.

she seems to be having some digestive issues, runny poop, blood in her poop 😦 which we are working with our doctor on. he thinks she may have a dairy allergy. i am not so sure since i already am dairy free (so then is my breast milk) and she was only getting dairy on the days that grandma is with her and she gets formula… but, we changed her formula as doc suggested, and we will see if that helps. SO, that means we will likely hold off any more solids till we figure this out, but it was too hard to resist letting her try the nectarine.

i am very inclined towards baby-led-weaning… if you have done it, please let me know what you liked and didn’t like… and how you dealt with the nay-sayers out there.

xxoo mulberry

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