met our OB :) more scan pictures

we went for our 1st OB appt. yesterday and all went well. she was SO nice. we liked her and her practice. dakota had our doc giggling and asking for more details when after all the medical questions were out of the way, dakota asked for the doc’s birth date (doc’s kids birth dates, other doc in the practice’s birth date) and then proceeded to tell our doc about herself and her relationship with kiddos and the other doc etc. doc was charmed, and curious… and thought dakota was right on and kept asking for more… it was one of the more full of laughter exams ever.

we were able to see another picture of the little fish – who don’t look like fish anymore… wow – starting to look like actual babies!

we have to go for genetic counseling and 1st trimester scan next week – i guess they use stronger machines than the doc’s office has? seems we have had so many scans already. it will be our first interaction with the hospital we are going to birth at. it is a catholic hospital, and even though our doc has assured us that her many gay couples have been treated very well there, we have some trepidations… we’ll see how it goes.

i remain under 24/7 nausea barrage. i want to crawl under a rock for the next several weeks, until – rumor has it – the symptoms are supposed to subside. my brain has turned to mush… i keep forgetting what day it is, missing major appts, etc… going almost nowhere, seeing almost no one (with the exception of the babypants girls and their little fella who stopped by for dinner the other night.) they look SO good and seem SO happy. yay!

at our doctor’s suggestion we bought the mayo clinic’s guide to a health pregnancy. best book i have seen so far on pregnancy. very informative, not touchy feely in any way (though i like that in some things), and of course heterocentric…. but very informative and clear to read. a great resource once you are ready to (cautiously) retire the ”how the hell am i ever gonna &^*&^ conceive” books – of which i have a million!


nauseous and miserable, but ok otherwise :)

hello all…

i have been told several times (today alone) that it has been 3 weeks since i last posted, and my blog friends are starting to worry. sorry to make you all worry, we are all doing fine… thanks for the love!

here are some photos of our latest scans… both little fish are doing well, strong heartbeats and we even saw them swimming around.




i have not written because i have been feeling SO sick and miserable. i spent 12 days visiting my parents in So Cal. i remained on their couch about 90% of the time, so nauseous i wanted to cry. i have tried ginger, small meals, sea bands, guided imagery, three kinds of prescription medications and yet the urge to cry from frustration, and hurl remains. strangely, i have only thrown up once (well three times in quick succession), but the 24/7 nausea alone has been crippling. oh, i forgot to mention that i have the runs at least every other day. i have not been working since i was laid off may 1st, and i have ceased looking for work because i don’t think i could make it through a work day at this point. i am used to working through stomach distress and regular migraines… i have even performed on stage, on a revolving stage none the less, with a room spinning migraine. i am generally not a wuss, but these little fish have me by the short hairs.

i am so grateful to be pregnant, and with twins! if we make it all the way through this we will have 2 children… more than i was EVER thinking would come to pass given the last year and a half… i have some joy, and i have some fears – but they are minuscule in comparison to my current quease induced misery. i feel bad even saying that to anyone, including you my blog friends… so i have not written 😦

i have my first OB appt next week. i am looking forward to meeting the docs and getting the low down on what to expect with twin birth – and the rest of this pregnancy. home birth and water birth are both out – not that i was EVER going to be able to convince dakota to go either of those routes… and i realize a lot of other possible birth plans i would have wanted to explore will be out… but, i say bring on the info and we will happily make NEW plans.

till next week…