wedded bliss…

a couple photos for you all 🙂

we had a WONDERFUL time yesterday. my gal is the BEST!

thanks for all your well wishes.


28 weeks…


i know it has been a VERY long time (10 weeks to be exact) since last i posted…

i am at 28 weeks this week. pretty amazing! yippes… picture of the ever expanding belly below 🙂

belly last week @ 27 weeks

belly last week @ 27 weeks

i have been feeling a bit better over all… but was still being plagued by almost daily bouts of the runs – it has been 7 MONTHS of being afraid to go far from the loo, ”just in case”… i just went off dairy this week (already i am off gluten for 6 years now, because i have celiac). it is sad for me to have NO cheese and NO butter and NO real ice cream – i had already been avoiding milk, guess i somehow ”knew” deep down that dairy was a problem for me 😦

my mom is coming to visit nov 3rd for 9 days! i am SO very excited to see her and spend some time with her. it is hard that my folks live so far away.

on monday dakota and i are going to CT to get married (shot gun elopement). it is going to be a blast. next year at this time we will have a big party/celebration with all of our family and friends – and our little girl who will be 9 months old by then – but for now (next week), it will be just the two of us and the justice of the peace, a photographer and some video – so we can show it at our party next year.

we are doing well, still holding our breath a bit till we get through this and our little one is with us… the fear never completely leaves though it gets smaller and the excitement grows with each passing week.

got a sweet request to fill you all in on how we were doing, so now you all know. i have been trying to follow along on all your journeys… even though i don’t comment as much these days. my heart is still with you all.

xxoo mulberry