amazing! (2nd scan photo included)

the picture below is very blurry cause i took it with my phone, but it shows two growing fishies and HEARTBEATS (well, this photo shows babyB’s heartbeat below, but you know what i mean) – oh wow! we were amazed, stunned and delighted that we got to hear and see each of their little hearts going so soon. yesterday was 6w5d 🙂



picture from our first scan on tuesday…


holy moly… there’s two of ’em1

… um, 2

well, we had the ultrasound today and i was so worried that my severe nausea was just left over hormones and that the pregnancy was gone…

…so not the case!

i am still pregnant, in fact, there are 2 going strong in there!

the crazy thing is that ALL 3 implanted – just so you know, based on several factors including age, the research showed that the probability of that happening was less than 0. so we have broken many records there. it looks like the three of them talked amongst themselves and one bowed out early. it is sad for us that one of our embryos didn’t make it, but i am happy that it seems my body is taking care of this on it’s own. it would have been unsafe for me and for the little ones to carry all three.

we continue to hope for stickiness for the two remaining rock stars 🙂

wow! holy moly!!

was nervous about my progesterone… but it’s doing ok

on friday my hcg was 446 (good number) and my progesterone was 6 (not such a good number). the extra progesterone seems to be making a difference 🙂

my progesterone is up to 9.26 and my hcg is up to 1572 – yay!!!

we go in for a an ultrasound next tuesday (5/19)

i know there are more hurdles to overcome before we can really feel confident that the pregnancy will stick, but getting over beta1 and beta2 is quite a relief.


i was gonna post our beta number earlier, but i had to take a nap SO bad i crawled straight in to bed. i have NEVER had to take a nap more desperately in my life, i fell asleep in the car on the way home from doing errands after our doctor appointment.

our beta number is 446… very good, and according to my doc does not ”necessarily” mean multiples 😉 my progesterone is a little lower that she wanted, so i am adding a second progesterone supplement, i will now use it at night in addition to the mornings, but she said things look good.

i go back on monday for a second beta and then if things still look good, we have an ultrasound on may 19th.


we did it!

go little rock star embryo, go!

go little rock star embryo, go!

as of 5:30 this morning… we are now P (we can drop the ”until proven otherwise”). we are heading in to the doc to get blood work done and numbers and all that… will let you know more when we know more…