yesterday bubbles had her first bit (and bite) of solid food…

she really wanted my nectarine, so we decided to let her go for it… she LOVED it.

she seems to be having some digestive issues, runny poop, blood in her poop 😦 which we are working with our doctor on. he thinks she may have a dairy allergy. i am not so sure since i already am dairy free (so then is my breast milk) and she was only getting dairy on the days that grandma is with her and she gets formula… but, we changed her formula as doc suggested, and we will see if that helps. SO, that means we will likely hold off any more solids till we figure this out, but it was too hard to resist letting her try the nectarine.

i am very inclined towards baby-led-weaning… if you have done it, please let me know what you liked and didn’t like… and how you dealt with the nay-sayers out there.

xxoo mulberry