some things about me (mulberry)…

my name is mulberry and i am a 40-something queer gal currently pregnant, with a little girl on the way, who recently had a baby girl – conceived from the embryo of my sweet love dakota.

i am a community activist, a singer, a cat whisperer, a former nanny and preschool teacher, an event planner, fierce mamma bear type, corporate cat hearder, non-conformist and all around curious gal.


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  1. The whole harvesting process is rather interesting xx

  2. thanks for checking us out!
    truly the nausea was relentless in the beginning from 6 weeks to 12 or so. at about 12 weeks i gave up and let it just happen, threw up when i needed until then it got to be routine, once a day every day, until week 15.
    i woke up one day sooo hungry and did not throw up regularly again. now, with that said, i did puke throughout the rest of the pregnancy, sneaky at first and then i figured it was when i was growing. my advice- just enjoy the ride, as bumpy as it may, be take it in. i think my attitude really made a difference in how well things turned out!! having my gals tomorrow! Good luck to you and I will now stalk your blog as well.

  3. Things are looking good for the Noo Yawk Gals!! xoxo the latest scans remind ofthe ones I still hold of my new little boy who is now 3 and half months old and absolutely gorgeous and on the verge of teething. Told his parents (son and daughter-in-law) “Good Luck with the teething process’ bring him to me when he has a full set of choppers!!!” 🙂

  4. Hello,

    I’m working on a documentary I’m working on called “Out in America”, which will air nationally on PBS in 2011. It’s a film that celebrates and explores a diverse spectrum of experiences in various LGBT communities, and I’m hoping that as the creator of the Wild Ride 4 2 Gals blog, I thought you might be able to help me find a specific voice that is still missing in the film.

    I’m trying to find a few women who would be open to speaking on-camera about their personal experiences with coming out, falling in love, parenthood, dealing with prejudice, etc. We are aiming for diversity with this project, not just in terms of sexuality and gender, but also across the board in terms of socio-economic class, age, geographical location, and ethnicity. So right now, I’m specifically seeking to interview lesbian or bisexual women of color with school-age children, to address LGBT issues from the viewpoint of minority same-sex parents. Interview shoots are taking place in NYC so I’m looking for women who are in the general vicinity, or not more than a few hours’ drive away.

    If you think you might have some leads for me, please let me know as soon as possible. I would be very grateful if you could reach out to your network for me, or pass this email along, or post the information to your blog. I’m unfortunately on a very tight deadline, so the sooner any interested women can get in touch with me, the better!

    I truly appreciate any assistance you can provide. Please call if you would like clarification or details on any of this, and feel free to distribute my email address and/or phone number as you see fit. Many thanks.


    Julia Li
    Producer, “Out in America”
    PBS / Two Cats Productions

  5. Get ready for responses on old post from me 🙂

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