hugs and kisses

Bubbles and I wanted to send out some hugs and kisses!

We are doing well. I have been working full time for the last month. A great opportunity came up and I jumped on it. I went from a small time (couple hours a day/ two day a week) gig to a full time (mon through friday, 8 hours a day) gig. It has been a big adjustment, but we are super lucky that Dakota’s mom lives nearby and has been coming over every day to watch Bubbles.

I miss Bubbles when I am at work, but my freelance gig is a ”fix this big mess” kind of gig, so I am totally busy and distracted while at work so I don’t have the brain space to get too sad 🙂 it is hard getting the space and time to pump and occasionally I am not able to and then I feel like I will explode. I am finding it pretty hard to accept that the ratio of breast milk to formula has now reversed completely and she gets MUCH more formula than breast milk 😦

Bubbles is HUGE. She is sitting like a champ, and pulling herself around her crib even though she has not yet started crawling.

I am still healing, well it doesn’t feel like anything is getting better really, but so far it is not getting worse! I have not been able to figure out how to get to physical therapy since i started working 😦

We are thrilled that we will get to visit with some out-of-town bloggy friends on Sunday… YAY!!!

Been thinking of all you out there in blogland and wanted to say hey!

xxoo Mulberry


12 Responses

  1. I was just thinking of you, talking about you with j from waiting for mavis. 😉 That sounds really exciting with work, and so glad that you’re doing well, though sorry to hear you’re still recovering. 😦 Glad to see you pop your head up, though. 😀

  2. Hi bubbles!

    Always lovely to hear from you and get a bubbles update. The work/ life balance is a tough one, but it sounds like you are working it out. The recovery process is a long one, continued good wishes on that road!

  3. Hi friend! Nice to see you around these parts. Your job sounds challenging but also stimulating. I am sorry to hear the recovery is STILL on-going. Bubbles is so cute.

  4. SO GOOD to hear from you! Wish you were healing faster. Lots of love & kisses to you and Dakota and Bubbles. xoxoox

  5. Oh Bubbles you are getting to be such a big girl! Kisses to you as well.

  6. Its good to hear from you. Hope that the joy Bubbles brings you at least helps make up for some of the discomfort and physical inconveniences you’re still dealing with, but I know that has to be tough. I went back to work a little earlier than expected after having Simone (9 weeks as opposed to 12), and I missed her terribly, but work restored so much of my sanity to me that I know it was the best thing for both of us. Like you, I had a trusted relative taking care of her during the day, so I knew she was getting the love and care she needed. I hope you find the same peace and fulfillment in your work.

  7. Hey there! We three miss you three (even though we haven’t met one of you yet)! I am glad to hear about the job, though as a fellow full-time worker, it is hard to be away from the wee (on not so wee) one. The dust has settled around us a little bit and we are talking about making a trip to NYC- we would love to see you! Realistically it will be in late fall, but I am already excitedly thinking of all the gluten-free food I will be able to eat! Give my love to Dakota and kisses to Bubbles! xoxo, h

  8. Just a quick note to add to H. we miss you. I would love to see more picture of bubbles too. Do you have any you could email us?? xoxo L

  9. Been missing you too, Mulberry! Sweet little smooch on that girl’s face!

    I can imagine how hard the transition back to work is, although I can also understand how the work is welcome… I am glad you guys are doing well and that you are finding a new rhythm….

    giant hugs from moi!

  10. Great to get an update and see (part of) you two! Yay for full time work and boo for being away from Bubbles and yay for Grandma daycare and boo for pumping struggles and yay for Bubbles developing like a champ and boo for you still being in pain and… whew! Life with an infant is quite the rollercoaster, isn’t it? 🙂

  11. Glad all is well and getting better. I still think you guys are awesome.

  12. May I have the password? I have lost mine. Glad to see you back around.

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