she’s here!

hello out there in blog-land… sorry to keep you waiting…

our daughter is HERE! she was born on monday, january 25th after a 4 day induction and 7 hours and 42 minutes of pushing… with help from our two amazing doctors pushing on one end and using forceps on the other end, and my amazing dakota and our doula cheering me on… we were able to avoid a c-section. the little gal weighed in at 8 pounds 12 oz!

dakota and i are both exhausted… i am still quite sore and kind of shaky… we are in love with the little wonder who has come to live with us – and demand 24/7 milk bar access…

perhaps dakota will blog on the details for us in the upcoming days. i have no energy left to blog with 😉

congrats to the other new little ones who made their arrivals during the time we were off-line. it has been quite a flurry of babies.

xo mulberry


29 Responses

  1. Wow! Incredible! Congratulations on avoiding that C. That took dedication! I know I wouldn’t have lasted that long. So happy for you guys! I bet she’s gorgeous. Hint Hint– post a pic if you’re not opposed to doing so.

  2. congratulations mamas!!!

  3. Congrats! Can’t wait to see a picture!

  4. Good grief, woman! I thought my 4 hours of pushing was about as bad as it got! What a trooper you were.

    Congratulations on the arrival of your little one. I’m SO happy for you. 🙂

  5. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Congrats on your daughter!

  7. 7 hours of pushing? That’s humanly possible? Holy cow.

    So happy for you. Congrats and welcome to the world little one. I demand a photo! 🙂

  8. Congratulations!!

  9. That took some serious effort to get her here. Wow. I am so happy for you three! Rest up!

  10. Congrats, girls!

  11. Congrats! I am thrilled for you!

  12. Welcome little girl! Congratulations!!!

  13. Congrats congrats ohhh how wonderful and amazing.
    i am just so thrilled for you both!! Just over the moon!!!

    Enjoy every second and write out the birth story sooner rather than later. it fades fast with such mafic in your arms!!!]]Much love and peace!!

  14. Congrats!! I am so happy for you both and 7 hours of pushing? wow! I cannot wait to see pictures of the baby and you.

  15. Congratulations!!

    I see that you have the same crib as I do (x2, but different color). You have chosen wisely! Middle of the night sheet changes are much easier with this mattress than a usual heavy one, as long as you know the trick to line up the seam along the midline.

    Enjoy your daughter!!!

  16. Yeah! Congratulations on your new arrival!

  17. Good lord, you get the prize – 4 days!! I promise I will never complain to you again about my lack of epidurals. Much, much love to your family!

  18. congratulations!!!

  19. Hooray! Welcome baby girl!

  20. Rockstars!!!

    What can I bring you? I can bring it right now. Oh, I have next week off. I can come over and help you w/o boys if you want.


  21. My honey wants to know how many inches. And when can we meet her? And she’s been thinking of you guys for a long time. And Cake just wants to see your cats.

    Please let us know when you are ready for visitors.

  22. Woo!! Many congratulations (very late, sorry!!) xx

  23. Congratulations to you! I hope you have been enjoying your first weeks together.

  24. Saw your post tonight on tbean’s blog & was thinking of you. xo

  25. Seriously, can we talk? I want to hear how you are holding up. I’m locked out of my work account but the gmail one works. Send me your #!

  26. Are you gals retiring your blog? I keep checking back but no updates! Hope things are ok.

  27. hoping that you all are doing well. can’t wait to see a picture of the lovely.

  28. Was thinking of you today. Hope all is well. xo

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