18 weeks…

hi there all… i know i have been radio silent lately. truth is, i just am not in a blogging mood, so i have not been writing and don’t expect i will again any time soon.

… but, i know that some of you have been worried, and i thank you all for your well wishes and your love. i wanted to let you know how we are doing.

– my belly is expanding.

– i have gained no weight (i was about 50 pounds overweight before i got pregnant, so there is a lot of repurposing going on i expect).

– i am still sick all the time (except a 2 day break where i actually felt pretty ok. so far that has not happened again, but i am HOPING).

– we still have moments of extreme sadness about the little one who we lost. they sneak up on us when least expected.

– we are having more and more moments of delight over the little one still with us.

– we are relieved to have made it to 18 weeks and everything looks good so far.

– for now, i am fading from the blogisphere. not reading much, not commenting much, definitely not writing much. for all of you who have been so wonderful and supportive of us and who we have been following and cheering on, we send you much love and will be thinking about you.

xxoo mulberry