merry christmas!

hello and merry christmas!

i wanted to give you all a brief photo update of what i have been up to from 30 weeks to 37! weeks…

time is chugging along. i remain fairly nauseous most days (oh well!) but am getting through it. i have slightly elevated fluid levels (and elevated maternal age) so i go every week for a sonogram and to see my OB. all my vitals are good and the baby moves a lot and is doing her practice breathing so i am all thumbs up from my docs.

i had a wonderful visit with the babypants gals and their little one last week and this week got to visit with olive from insert metaphor… i don’t think there are nicer people on the planet. was SO great to spend time with them all. made me inspired to reach out and say hello to everyone – hello!! i HAVE been reading even though i have not been writing.

we are having a baby shower on jan 10th – i am due on the 16th! we’ll see how that plays out… i am excited to see friends and share our excitement with them… i have REALLY been quite housebound and it is making me kind of bonkers. my folks are coming out from the west coast for a couple weeks (or more if baby comes late). they will arrive on the 15th and are staying a few blocks away. we found them a house swap so visiting won’t cost an arm and a leg – so great!

much love to you all…
xo mulberry