we are moving along… but i swear it feels like the elevator is going sideways, the doors keep opening on a new place, but no where *nearer* to our destination! [sideways elevator image courtesy of dakota’s dream this morning – it just popped into my head when i sat down to write]

so far this cycle, i have done two nights of gonal f shots… will keep this up till tuesday when i go in to check on follicle growth. we have decided to do another iui for me… we got a *final denial* from ghi for ivf for dakota 😦 we then made moves to put her on to *my* new insurance in hopes that next cycle, when we apply for ivf for her, *they* will say yes. i am not in the mood to hazard to even qualify that with the – assuming i don’t get pregnant on this iui – talk today.

don’t know why for sure, but i have been having a hard time writing lately. i still read and comment on other blogs, but i am feeling a bit worn down 😦

screw the elevator – i wish someone would just show me where the stairs are. i am ready to just get there already!!


hanging in here…

hello friends…

sorry for going silent on you all. several of you have checked in with us to see how we are… we are doing ok. we had several really hard days, and now we seem to be taking turns having scattered melt downs. this negative really threw us for a big loop. that mixed with the holidays, work crap and the ongoing financial and emotional challenges of TCC.

we are not totally clear on what our new plan is… we are fighting with our insurance again about getting dakota approved for ivf… we REALLY really want to do another retrieval.

… but given the denial and the appeal, we don’t know if we are going to be able to do that, so we are also moving forward with an iui for me and maybe for her too… more on that later.

just wanted you all to know we are hanging in here 🙂

thanks for your well wishes and for checking in,