yesterday bubbles had her first bit (and bite) of solid food…

she really wanted my nectarine, so we decided to let her go for it… she LOVED it.

she seems to be having some digestive issues, runny poop, blood in her poop 😦 which we are working with our doctor on. he thinks she may have a dairy allergy. i am not so sure since i already am dairy free (so then is my breast milk) and she was only getting dairy on the days that grandma is with her and she gets formula… but, we changed her formula as doc suggested, and we will see if that helps. SO, that means we will likely hold off any more solids till we figure this out, but it was too hard to resist letting her try the nectarine.

i am very inclined towards baby-led-weaning… if you have done it, please let me know what you liked and didn’t like… and how you dealt with the nay-sayers out there.

xxoo mulberry


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  1. damn that is a cute picture! i love those tiny fingers!

    unfortunately, i am a baby-led weaning nay-sayer. we had a scary, (mama’s) heart-stopping, choking incident that put us back on purees. i wont hijack your comment section with the full story, but if you want to email me, i’d be happy to discuss(

  2. How cute with the nectarine!

    I’m sorry about the blood in her stool. That has to be scary, and I hope you get to the bottom of it soon.

    As far as baby-led weaning, we’re not following any set protocol, but whenever Rilo expresses interest in something we think is texturally safe, we let him try small bites. Nectarine looks like a great one, and we’ll try that soon.

  3. That little face is beyond precious!! Sorry that I am no help on the weaning question.

  4. We loved baby-led weaning. We followed some basic ‘rules’ so that we felt comfortable with it. We didn’t give him anything too small at first so he wouldn’t choke. Always better to start big so they can get accustomed to nibbling smaller peices off. We didn’t give anything too spicy, and we waited until closer to one year to give peanut butter (10ish months). But everything else was fair game.

    Some early favorites included strips of grilled/baked chicken breast, pieces of fruit (banana, apple, large strawberry, pear), large veggies (broccoli, chunks of sweet potato, asparagus), bread/bagel/pizza crust, tofu. We were careful at first to not introduce *too* much so we could keep tabs on if he was allergic to anything, which he wasn’t. The only things he had a reaction to were onions (bad diaper output) and cantelope (itchy tongue…he kept sticking his tongue out and pulling at it). No rashes or hives.

    We kind of combined the American and British approaches. The American approach was just too paranoid and limiting for us, and the British approach was a little too lax. So we just did what felt comfortable and adjusted accordingly. For instance, when he mastered the ‘pincer’ grasp, he could eat smaller things, like peas and cheerios, but then he decided later on he wanted to shove as much as possible in his mouth at one time, so we had to do smaller bites instead of large pieces or he’d gag and spit them out. You just have to see how your own child is.

    We didn’t really have any nay-sayers, but it’s none of their business! πŸ™‚ Good luck.

  5. Hmmm I think I am doing baby led weaning, but the nurse at the drop in called in finger food. I love what we are doing. At 6 months I started feeding her rice cereal and then all kinds of other things that she picks up herself and eats. I over steam veggies ie yams, brocolli and other things in sticks and she eats it. I also have fed her chicken and fish. It feels natural, right and enjoyable. I am constantly surprised at what she can pick up. oh yeah it is very messy!

  6. So cute! I love it.

    Poor thing – I hope you guys figure out the allergy/intolerance soon.

    I haven’t done it yet, obviously, but we’re a few weeks into a mixed traditional/baby led weaning process. I love the baby led weaning stuff, but I don’t have much advice, alas.

  7. Hey so cute!! Have LOVED BLW so far – haven’t hated anything. Is true. OK so the gagging can be daunting sometimes but it’s not the same as choking and all parents should probably know the difference anyway. Apart from that, the BLW has been one of the best things we’ve done with BB. It’s flexible, low maintenance and fun!

    There are some links up at if you’re looking for something to read.

    The naysayers? Ignore.

  8. PS gagging only really happens at the start. A general rule is – if they can pick it up, it should be safe for them to eat.

  9. Cute, cute! I emailed you yesterday – would love to catch up. I posted the pic of Christopher in his bomber jacket on my blog. πŸ™‚

  10. PS: we’re feeding Christopher purees, but man does he reach for stuff now! Cookies, water bottles, and pretty much whatever we’re eating – crazy!

  11. I wanted to do babyled weaning from the get-go on solids, but S always did a lot of choking, gagging, and throwing up (even on formula), so we had to start out slower with purees, but I was always tossing a little something in with those. For the BLW, we started out with softer textures. She LOVED/S avocado.

    She’s 17 months now and can eat just about anything. The only thing I’ve held back on is shellfish. I’m always tossing her stuff that horrifies my mom, but frankly she does better on big stuff (taking small bites) than smaller chunks that she stuffs and gets caught in her throat. BLW just feels so much more natural than jars.

  12. I have no thoughts about BLW but I wanted to say that is an adorable picture and I hope you continue to post more! I love hearing from you!

  13. Pure sweetness.

  14. Ho did I miss this post and picture? Bubbles is too incredibly adorable (at least her tiny fingers, chin and nostrils ;)) and its so much fun when they start eating! Which reminds me, you never sent me the password to the picture post way back when… Is it too late? I really would love to see more recent pics…

    I think baby-led weaning is much like extended breast-feeding or co-sleeping when it comes to naysayers. If you believe in it, just stand by it. Some parents let their toddlers drink pop, some ate big macs through their pregnancy… we all do what is best for us, and what we believe is best for (or at least not detrimental towards) our children. If baby-led weaning is for you, then do it and be proud!
    As for the naysayers, they had their chance to make these decisions with their kids. You can explain why you made the choice you did, but you never have to justify it. And you will find that as with all the choices we make about our children, there will be non-believers (and often family and friends among them). Parenting consciously is hard but I believe leads to healthy, happy, babies and families…
    I hope you post more– I miss you! And I would love to hear about your adventures in parenting… hugs from here…

  15. I miss you! Call me. I want more pictures of Bubs!!

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