meds available…


i have been cleaning out closets trying to make room for our little gal and all her stuff that will soon start to accumulate.

the big news here is that we have some fertility meds to donate to someone who is doing ivf or possibly injectible IUIs. some of the stuff needs refrigeration, so it is best if you are in the NY area and can pick up the goods.

please email me if you are interested… and we will coordinate.

in other news, my mom has been here for a few days and we have another 4 days to visit. it has been great!

… and inlocoparentis sent us some adorable baby girl clothes they are not going to need since they are having a little fella šŸ™‚ the stuff is SO cute!

… and my belly keeps growing growing growing. 30 weeks and counting.


8 Responses

  1. love you & your belly

  2. Hey. I think I might be needing some of those meds. Let’s talk.

  3. How about some photos of all your lovely baby stuff? I am betting that gramma has been excited to help you organize that stuff!

  4. Glad you liked them! Can you believe we’re getting so close?

  5. oooooooooooooo I can’t believe its been 30 weeks! You are SO almost there! I am so pscyhed! And speaking of psyched, how wonderful to see you back here… Seriously, I have MISSED you!!! xx hugs…

  6. Congrats on the 30 week mark! Wow, the time is flying. I’m glad you are posting every now and then.

  7. Not about meds, about pie! I have never tried to send a baked pie, I can send the pieces (prebaked GF CF crust, and the GF CF filling) . It would be between $23 and $24 for shipping, though, because it needs to move fast — so a total price of $41- $42. I do make good pies… but I understand if that’s not reasonable!

    If you decide you’d like a pie, please let me know by 5:30 today (Friday) at .


  8. 30 weeks! You’re getting so close!

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