met our OB :) more scan pictures

we went for our 1st OB appt. yesterday and all went well. she was SO nice. we liked her and her practice. dakota had our doc giggling and asking for more details when after all the medical questions were out of the way, dakota asked for the doc’s birth date (doc’s kids birth dates, other doc in the practice’s birth date) and then proceeded to tell our doc about herself and her relationship with kiddos and the other doc etc. doc was charmed, and curious… and thought dakota was right on and kept asking for more… it was one of the more full of laughter exams ever.

we were able to see another picture of the little fish – who don’t look like fish anymore… wow – starting to look like actual babies!

we have to go for genetic counseling and 1st trimester scan next week – i guess they use stronger machines than the doc’s office has? seems we have had so many scans already. it will be our first interaction with the hospital we are going to birth at. it is a catholic hospital, and even though our doc has assured us that her many gay couples have been treated very well there, we have some trepidations… we’ll see how it goes.

i remain under 24/7 nausea barrage. i want to crawl under a rock for the next several weeks, until – rumor has it – the symptoms are supposed to subside. my brain has turned to mush… i keep forgetting what day it is, missing major appts, etc… going almost nowhere, seeing almost no one (with the exception of the babypants girls and their little fella who stopped by for dinner the other night.) they look SO good and seem SO happy. yay!

at our doctor’s suggestion we bought the mayo clinic’s guide to a health pregnancy. best book i have seen so far on pregnancy. very informative, not touchy feely in any way (though i like that in some things), and of course heterocentric…. but very informative and clear to read. a great resource once you are ready to (cautiously) retire the ”how the hell am i ever gonna &^*&^ conceive” books – of which i have a million!


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  1. Wow -that is definitely a baby and not a trout! You got a good shot there.
    I’m sorry you’re still feeling awful.

  2. The u/s pics really do looko like babies now!! So glad your visit went well: it actually sounds fun. Hopefully T2 will be better for you. BTW: I hear pg brain mush is quite common. 🙂

  3. Those fishies look an awful lot like babies. Hooray for that. Boo for you still feeling so miserable.

  4. Look at those beauties! Yes, the scans for genetic screens are much stronger. They measure a tiny distance in the back of the head/neck that normal u/s can’t pick up in detail. If you’re looking for other good pregnancy books, I would recommend Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth. It was our favorite.

  5. Wow, those are great pictures!

  6. aw, look at those sweet babies!! congrats! 🙂

  7. Congratulations on two beautiful fishy babies! They look great!

  8. frequent reader here. how amazing. congrats on the beautiful twins and the great scans!

  9. Wow! Look how big ther are! Just beautiful.
    Sorry about the 24/7. I hope you get some relief sooner rather than later.

  10. fab pix!! xx

  11. thanks for checking us out!
    truly the nausea was relentless in the beginning from 6 weeks to 12 or so. at about 12 weeks i gave up and let it just happen, threw up when i needed until then it got to be routine, once a day every day, until week 15.
    i woke up one day sooo hungry and did not throw up regularly again. now, with that said, i did puke throughout the rest of the pregnancy, sneaky at first and then i figured it was when i was growing. my advice- just enjoy the ride, as bumpy as it may, be take it in. i think my attitude really made a difference in how well things turned out!! having my gals tomorrow! Good luck to you and I will now stalk your blog as well.

  12. I took some extra vitamin b 6 ( small amount ) twice a day and that helped my nausea! that and sea bands.

  13. Have been traveling and out of the loop, but so glad to see that all continues to go well in your corner of the world. Sending lots of love.

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