nauseous and miserable, but ok otherwise :)

hello all…

i have been told several times (today alone) that it has been 3 weeks since i last posted, and my blog friends are starting to worry. sorry to make you all worry, we are all doing fine… thanks for the love!

here are some photos of our latest scans… both little fish are doing well, strong heartbeats and we even saw them swimming around.




i have not written because i have been feeling SO sick and miserable. i spent 12 days visiting my parents in So Cal. i remained on their couch about 90% of the time, so nauseous i wanted to cry. i have tried ginger, small meals, sea bands, guided imagery, three kinds of prescription medications and yet the urge to cry from frustration, and hurl remains. strangely, i have only thrown up once (well three times in quick succession), but the 24/7 nausea alone has been crippling. oh, i forgot to mention that i have the runs at least every other day. i have not been working since i was laid off may 1st, and i have ceased looking for work because i don’t think i could make it through a work day at this point. i am used to working through stomach distress and regular migraines… i have even performed on stage, on a revolving stage none the less, with a room spinning migraine. i am generally not a wuss, but these little fish have me by the short hairs.

i am so grateful to be pregnant, and with twins! if we make it all the way through this we will have 2 children… more than i was EVER thinking would come to pass given the last year and a half… i have some joy, and i have some fears – but they are minuscule in comparison to my current quease induced misery. i feel bad even saying that to anyone, including you my blog friends… so i have not written 😦

i have my first OB appt next week. i am looking forward to meeting the docs and getting the low down on what to expect with twin birth – and the rest of this pregnancy. home birth and water birth are both out – not that i was EVER going to be able to convince dakota to go either of those routes… and i realize a lot of other possible birth plans i would have wanted to explore will be out… but, i say bring on the info and we will happily make NEW plans.

till next week…


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  1. Yay fishies! The one on the top in the lowermost scan actually looks like a floating smiley face. But now, little fish, you must let mommy stop spinning. When A was pregnant, she finally found that chewing bazooka gum kept it at bay. I hope you find your bazooka.


  2. […] but certainly not least, some wild gals are very very pregnant indeed — pregnant with two babies.  Check out the floating smiley […]

  3. Sorry about the sickness. Hopefully it will die down very soon. Take care!

  4. This is so great! I just wanted to let you know how THRILLED I am for you (and that I am reading along faithfully even though I have not been commenting much). I am so sorry you are feeling so sick– I hope it lets up very soon!

  5. Your experience is what it is…. and that’s okay. Just because you feel sick and miserable does not mean that you do not also feel blessed and excited for the future. So please don’t feel the need to edit yourself: this is your pregnancy, your life and your blog. We want to hear from you. 🙂

    On the queazy front, yikes! I had a very bad stomach/intestinal incident a few years back that made me feel sick to my stomach literally for months. I was more miserable than I could express and it made everything hard to do. I can only imagine the exhaustion of being pregnant with twins coupled with that level of nausea. I hope you find your magic pill or thing very soon!!

  6. oh yeah, im feeling your pain. the nausea and vomiting can be crippling. hope it eases up for you soon.

    the pics are great!! 🙂 so glad t hear the fishes are doing well.

  7. many congratulations and much commiseration on the sick. i wish there was a magic bullet. i promise that when (not if…) you surface from this, you will feel more alive than you ever have. i hope that comes so soon.

  8. I’m really sorry that you’re so sick and miserable. It’s really okay to write about it, even if it comes across as complaining (in your mind), because… it’s real for you right now. Just as the struggles of TTC were real for you a few months ago. I’ll be thinking about you, and hoping that the room slows down.

  9. So glad the fishies are doing well, and so sorry you are this sick. Wow…prescriptions aren’t even working- that just sucks. I’m hoping it passes soon…once those darling little fishies start to look like darling little humans.

  10. So happy you decided to post and let us all know everything is going well–I was getting a little worried over here across the river!

  11. Hooray, the babies are doing well. Boo hiss! I say Nausea is some kind of bitch who doesn’t know when to leave! I hope you feel better real soon!

  12. I’m so sorry you’re feeling awful. I’m glad you posted about it though – I don’t think you should feel bad for complaining about crippling nausea! Or complaining about any nausea. If you’re up to posting, I’d rather read about the pukey details than not hear from you – it gives me hope to hear your updates and know how your two babies are growing.

    I hope the sick feelings ease up and you’re able to get off the couch and enjoy your pregnancy more. I’m sending stomach-stable energy your way!

  13. Ugh, sorry for the misery! Pregnancy, – it sounds so lovely until the ick sets in. Hoping you make it through this part SOON.

    PS-we don’t mind hearing the details, good, bad, or otherwise 🙂

  14. Congratulations ladies!! So happy for you!!

  15. I am happy to see those pictures and sorry to hear you still not feeling well. I would love to see you – maybe next week. I want to give you some maternity clothes. xoxo L.

  16. There’s an old wives’ tale that “morning sickness” babies are smarter. I have every confidence that you will get two superstars in exchange for your troubles!

  17. It’s so good to hear from you and to see your little fishies! How absolutely lovely!

    On the ick front, that just plain sucks. The one thing that worked well for me were P.reggie P.ops. They make strongly flavored lollypops and lozenges that take the edge off, and the sour ones I found worked best. In fact, sour candies like lemon drops and others that had a strong aroma were incredibly useful. You might see if something like that helps. I hope this stage passes quickly for you!

  18. Hooray– you are back!!!! i have missed you! Although I know how sick you have been. If its any consolation (which I am sure its not) I just read an article in our paper saying that women with strong M/S give birth to babies that end up having higher IQ’s! So your two fishies will be GENIUS fishies at that!

    I hope that this is over soon and I look forward to following your journey…. hugs…

  19. Ugh, sorry to hear you’re feeling so lousy. There is just no limit to the things we will endure for our little ones, is there? Hope there is relief in store for you sooner rather than later!

  20. Glad to see the little fishes are doing swimmingly well. So sorry to hear you’re suffering though. Don’t feel bad about moaning though – you’ve been throuhg all that you have because you wanted a baby (or two!), not 24/7 non-stop nausea. I hope it lets up soon.

  21. I love coming back from my blogging break to see this.
    I hope you’re feeling better.

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