amazing! (2nd scan photo included)

the picture below is very blurry cause i took it with my phone, but it shows two growing fishies and HEARTBEATS (well, this photo shows babyB’s heartbeat below, but you know what i mean) – oh wow! we were amazed, stunned and delighted that we got to hear and see each of their little hearts going so soon. yesterday was 6w5d 🙂



11 Responses

  1. wow. that is a really beautiful picture 🙂 sooo amazing! congrats on hearing the 2 heartbeats!!

  2. I could not be more thrilled for you guys! Such wonderful, wonderful news. You did it! You will be mommies in roughly 9 months! So, what is your due date?

    I am sooooooooooooooo excited!


  4. That’s friggin fantastic!

  5. Wow! The heartbeats must be incredible! You are having twins!!!

  6. I love heartbeats! Wow that is so amazing.

  7. great photo! great update! keep them coming!

  8. Hearing the heartbeat(s) is the most incredible thing ever!! 🙂

  9. whooohooo! Congrats again ladies!

  10. Hearing Trucker’s heartbeat for the first time STILL makes me tear up. I’m so happy for you guys. So do you want the emails of my friends who have twins? They’ll probably tell you the good and the bad. I just figure that the little peeps refused to be outnumbered by your cats.

  11. Yes! Yes! Yes!! So happy to see this!

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