was nervous about my progesterone… but it’s doing ok

on friday my hcg was 446 (good number) and my progesterone was 6 (not such a good number). the extra progesterone seems to be making a difference 🙂

my progesterone is up to 9.26 and my hcg is up to 1572 – yay!!!

we go in for a an ultrasound next tuesday (5/19)

i know there are more hurdles to overcome before we can really feel confident that the pregnancy will stick, but getting over beta1 and beta2 is quite a relief.


16 Responses

  1. great, great news. any predictions, based on those number, about how many are in there?? 🙂 continue to think of you so much, especially yestrday on mother’s day! love!

  2. I am so happy to hear about your numbers! Yay!!!!

  3. A tripling beta? Almost quadrupling beta? What a rock star!

  4. Everything’s such a hurdle in the beginning, but y’all are doing great. Hope you’re ready for more than one little bean 😉 Good luck at your appt!

  5. awesome numbers, congrats! i cant wait to hear how the u/s goes!!

  6. This is so wonderful! I’m so happy to read those numbers.

  7. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORAY! That is wonderful! Great numbers! I can’t wait to hear how the u/s goes…

  8. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Where the heck have I been???? Congrats girls!! This is some super exciting news!! Happy and Healthy Nine Months to you!!!

    love and hugs!!

  9. Wow!! Really does sound like there’s more than one cooking in there. Congrats!

    Does she have you on progesterone in oil or just the bullets? My RE had me on a very high dose of PIO during my donor egg cycle. Just something to think about. It’s a pain in the ass– literally– but I almost preferred it to the mess of the other, and I’m pretty sure it’s more effective.

  10. I’m late to the party to say congratulations! Beautiful numbers. I wish you the best come May 19! I’ll be cheering for you both.

  11. Yay!

    Cakie started doing a weird dance outside your apartment building on Mother’s Day. When I asked him what he was doing, he said he was “Throwing [insert your real names] a Mother’s Day wish.” We didn’t say anything, but maybe he picked up that high beta energy all the way down on the street.

  12. I am so so happy about those numbers. We have some of those bullets if you need some… they are the waxy kind. blah… I think the beta is more important then the progesterone. also lady, I would love to see you this week. xoxoo L

  13. Just read about your news on the LFCA and wanted to say congratulations. May this be the beginning of much more good news to come!

  14. Perfect! Congrats!

  15. Here from LFCA…

    Congratulations! Best of luck at the ultrasound and beyond!

  16. I understand why you would be nervous but it seems as if things are progressing okay. I’m thinking of you gals!

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