i was gonna post our beta number earlier, but i had to take a nap SO bad i crawled straight in to bed. i have NEVER had to take a nap more desperately in my life, i fell asleep in the car on the way home from doing errands after our doctor appointment.

our beta number is 446… very good, and according to my doc does not ”necessarily” mean multiples 😉 my progesterone is a little lower that she wanted, so i am adding a second progesterone supplement, i will now use it at night in addition to the mornings, but she said things look good.

i go back on monday for a second beta and then if things still look good, we have an ultrasound on may 19th.



15 Responses

  1. Wow, indeed! Great number! I am so excited for you guys. So, so, so excited. xo

  2. Things are looking ROCKSTAR indeed!

  3. Wow, wow, WOW!!! That is an awesome number!!! And while it may not mean more than one , it also could mean more than one! I am just bursting with happiness for you guys. And I totally remember that kind of tired. It hit me just as early and stuck around a looooooonnngggg time. Here’s to a fabulous 9 months ahead!


  4. Yay for naps that need to be taken and a great number too!

  5. A rock star number to go along with your rock star embryo. (Embryos??)

    Fuck yeah!


  6. Wow – that’s a very impressive beta! As for the naps…. get used to ’em!!

  7. You go girl! Congrats again!

  8. hurray! great number! congrats!

  9. omg omg omg my damn internet I just saw this this second CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooo over the moonfor you both!!!!!!!!!!

  10. That’s awesome!

  11. whoa, thats an incredible number! congrats! i cant wait to find out how many stuck around! 😉

  12. Holy cow! Nice number!

  13. Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you girls…. I can’t wait for the report back later today! As I said a few comments ago, I think we’ll be having something to celebrate next week when I come to town! (If you guys are still up for it…)

  14. Ohhh, congratulations!!! So excited for you! This is so long overdue.

    And YAY for the solid beta! My first one was 441 and the outcome is presently snoozing on my chest.

    I love getting back online and finding great news like this. Hooray for all three of you… or more? 😉

  15. Congratulations Noo Yawk Gals!!! 🙂

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