so, i have been told/reminded by halfdozen that i am now pupo (pregnant until proven otherwise) so i am going to try and go with that 🙂

the transfer went very smoothly. other than having to trade down to a smaller speculum… turns out if it hurts like hell when they are ratcheting that thing wide open, there is a *small* size they can use instead, and presto, no pain! the embryos were in before i knew it!

we put in 3 top-o-the-line little ones and froze the rest… now the wait begins 🙂 we will test on Friday 5/8… and till then, i am pupo.

i am now in my last week at my job… the hunt for new employment begins in earnest monday. i have a few leads that i have been working, but hopefully more will emerge soon. i am ready to be leaving, so that’s good.

dakota is just starting to feel *herself* today, 6 days after her retrieval. for those of you who have been through retrieval, how long till your lower abdomen and nether regions felt ok? she has been walking slow and a bit gingerly for days. i felt like total crap, but mostly due to the over stimulation problems, so i had horrible bloating and nausea etc… not so much pain/discomfort. love to hear how you all have done. our RE seemed to think that a day or two was all a person would need to be tip-top. though she is lovely and understanding and wrote dakota notes to get out of work, she didn’t seem to expect that it would be an issue.

oh, and i have to say that the embryologist said that her embryos rivaled those of 20-something-year-olds that he had seen… and that they were as good as donor embryos usually are 🙂 and you know that they only use whippersnappers for donors (except with directed donors like us) so we were feeling pretty good about that! and then they told us that with all our combination of elements, the % of getting pregnant is still at about 9%, so we are trying to *ignore* that part and go with her rock star embryos cause 9% just seems soooooo small…. ok, back to focusing on ROCK STAR embryos!

thanks for all your well wishes and good vibes, i felt them!


21 Responses

  1. 9 %…. as in N-I-N-E? That cannot be right. 3 donor quality embryo nestled into a nice plump lining must have better odds than that. I just have a hunch that this will work for you guys… everything crossed while you are pupo.

    As for Dakota, yikes! I had almost no pain after IVFs 1 and 2 then had pain for several days after #3. I was convinced that something had gone wrong and I had an infection or something… then magically I felt better after about 5 days. Hope she feels better soon.

  2. I’m going with ROCKSTAR outcome! Yahoo! PUPO indeed.

    I really hope Dakota feels better soon. Being so sore she has to walk gingerly sux.

    Hugs and love to you and the 3 embies!

  3. Yeah, ignore that percentage – that doesn’t mean anything about you and your rock star embryos! Pupo – that’s a funny acronym, I like it. I’m so excited for this to be YOUR cycle. xoxo

  4. 9%??!! Really? I don’t get it. What are the “combination of elements”? If she’s got rockstar embryos and you’ve got a ready and willing uterus…seems like more than 9%! I’m voting with Rock Star!
    Hope Dakota feels better soon, that sounds no fun indeed.

  5. Well, you are my favorite PUPO ever. 🙂 Big hugs to Dakota and I’m still thinking rockstar thoughts ….. xo

  6. Alright, burrow tight embros! Hugs to you and Dakota.

  7. Yes, I am just going to focus on excellent, rock star vibes. Let’s hear it for rock star embies. Good luck. xo

  8. Those rock star embryos certainly defy that ridiculous percentage. Much luck to you both!

  9. I don’t get the 9% either. How do they figure? I thought the odds in any IVF cycle for women 35 and under were over 50%– and around 40% for women older than 35.

    Re: IVF pain. I had OHSS too and a LOT of eggs, so I felt like crap for a couple of weeks. Vanessa also felt pretty bad for several days, but that was due to severe bloating.

    Go rockstar embryos!

  10. whats up with the 9%? i dont believe that for a minute, not with those beautiful embryos. ive got fingers and toes crossed for you!

  11. Nine, shmine. Those embies are quality, I just know it!!!

  12. Go, go you perfect embryos! Nine’s my lucky number, but I reckon the odds are way better than that for you guys. Good luck with the waiting!

  13. Ignore the stats. Who cares about probabilities… You have ROCK STARS in there! I am so glad the transfer went so smoothly… now its just the waiting game… How many were you able to freeze? Hoping Dakota feels better soon…


  14. 9%?? Yeah right, those little embies are rock stars… nuff said.

    Yay for being PUPO, I’m sending you TONS of sticky feet vibes for your little babies inside of you!

    When Laurie had OHSS, the first time it took her about 2 weeks to get better and the second time about a week. We’ve never had a ret w/o having OHSS to compare. I hope that Dakota starts to feel better soon!

  15. The 9% is total bullshit. I am ready to ROCK OUT with your ROCKSTAR embryos. That is the only part I heard of what the doc said. 🙂

  16. oooooooooo

    good luck!! roooting for u!! xxxx

  17. C’mon little embryos, do your thing! I hope hope hope there’s a mother’s day gift of a bfp headed your way.

    I only had “mild” ohss but I felt like death for several days. I can’t remember how many but I still felt lousy at transfer time so it was 5+. Sorry to hear Dakota had a rough go. The things we go through to bring our children into being!

    I have such a good feeling about this cycle for you guys. Much love and hope coming your way!

  18. You have three little embryos in your womb. RIGHT NOW. That is amazing.

    I think for D, it must be more painful to retrieve rockstar embryos. But if she’s still sick for a while maybe you should have her checked out.


  19. I am so thinking of you both and yes you are sooo PUPO!!!

  20. I was just thinking about you today. I hope those embies have made themselves a warm home!

  21. I know I am late to the emby party but I wanted to give you lots and lots of sticky emby vibes and tell you I am rooting like hell for you. Here’s to you being preggo, not just pupo!!! Best wishes ladies.

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