i’m alive, i promise…

hello friends… the volume of ”are you ok” emails is picking up… i realize it has been FOREVER since i last posted…

i am ok… i am πŸ™‚ and things move slow and that is hard.

i am working on my resume – it is close to ready for the unveiling – i mean ready to send to potential employers… i have to give a special shout out to my fabulous pal and lifesaver at word to your mother(s). with out her help my resume would still be a puddle of words at the bottom of a crumpled page.

we are moving forward with our ivf plan as well…

on march 18th, two days after i got my period, i was put on 10 units of lupron a day (shots) to suppress my ovaries. if dakota had gotten her period before me or to close to when i got mine, she would have gone on birth control till i was ”ready”… she got her period right at the time she would have been coming off the birth control (3/30) so she got to skip that part.

now she will go through the stimulation process for about two weeks and i will be doing estrogen (patches and pills? and maybe lower doses of lupron?) to build my lining and then sometime during the week of 4/14 – (the first of two weeks that i produce big meetings) they will do the retrieval from dakota and 3 – 5 days later they will put a couple embryos in me.

if i were not SO consumed by the fact that i have to produce big meetings with my production team having been ripped apart and the management having striped me and the other producer of our decision making powers – and – the fact that when the meetings are all over i will not have a job… i would be SUPER excited. the thought of carrying my sweetie’s child, as you all know, is a thought that brings me GREAT JOY.

well, i feel more joyous just typing that… i guess i will have to spend more time over the next few weeks thinking about the embryos coming my way if i am to have joy in this time of laid-off-ness…

more later, just thought if i didn’t write, you all might send a posse out after me to make sure i was not dead in a ditch somewhere πŸ˜‰

mulberry, signing off for now


13 Responses

  1. I’m glad to see your update! I hope you find the job of your dreams and this cycle brings you only happiness.

  2. I am glad to hear that you are alive. I know the work thing stinks but I am so glad you’re moving forward with the ivf.

  3. Funny how things work out in the end, aren’t they? I think it’s very interesting how we are the (1) the oldest on these blogs! (2) just lost our jobs 😦 (3) using our partner’s eggs to get pregnant πŸ™‚
    I know it’s been a long time coming (oh, I know!) but I have high hopes for you and Dakota. It’s your time for this baby and I know there’s the perfect job out there for you as well.

  4. Its good to hear you are doing ok and that you are on track with this next round of IVF… Good luck with the next round of meetings and prepping for them… I am sure that the morale is poor at work but just let this cycle be your buoy– I could not have more hope or well wishes for you….

  5. What a rollercoaster of emotions you are living right now! I hope that your perfect job comes knocking at your door soon. And I got chills thinking about you carrying your partner’s embryos. I hope to follow your lead in that respect…. great joy indeed!

  6. That is a lot of things going down right now in your little corner of the world. Best of everything to you!

  7. good to hear from you! im so excited to follow your upcoming cycle! i’m out here rooting hard for you!

  8. I knew you not in a ditch πŸ™‚ but I am happy that you updated… I have high hopes for this cycle. And I know a great job has to be coming your way. xxoxo L.

  9. Good luck, girl! You have a lot going on and it seems as if you are handling it well. xo

  10. Glad you are still around and gearing up for a new TTC plan. I have my finger crossed for you! (and btw, if I ever see anyone in the RE’s waiting room that matches you or dakota’s description I am going to approach. lol!)

    Thanks for all the support!

  11. Best of luck for your transfer and your job search. You have so many wonderful possibilities ahead and I can’t wait to hear some joyful news from you.

  12. Thanks for the post! It’s great to get an update and hear of all the exciting things on your horizon. I’m sending heaps of good wishes your way.

  13. Thinking of you both and sending lots of joyous love your way!!!

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