i was laid off yesterday… ouch!

in the world of lay offs, it was a good one. i can stay through may 1st to produce the big round of meetings we have coming up (or leave if i wanted). they are giving a 6 week severance and allowing me to keep my company owned laptop. i am one of 7 being laid off, taking our # of employees from 12 down to a team of 5. the two partners and 3 others.

it was not totally unexpected, and the severance safety net and advance warning (8 weeks before last day) were much more than i expected we would get, if and when the time came for lay offs…

and yet, it sucks! i have been with this company for 5 years, and until the reorg in october (if you are interested, there is at least one scathing post in late october on the details of that dark time) i LOVED my job.

i have no idea what i want to do, have barely ever interviewed (this job for 5 years, the last one for 12) and walked away from college one semester away from graduating to become a political activist/community organizer. most of the time i don’t care about the degree… but resume time, i care!

truly, in this moment it is the knowledge that we NEED my insurance that is stinging the most… cobra?



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  1. Oh no!!! What timing. 😦 Gentle though your layoff may be, it still sucks and I’m so sorry to hear it happened. Job-hunting is a PITA no matter how marketable you feel. As you said, this is what cobra is for, but maybe with all the lead time you’ve been given, you won’t need to use it at all, or at least not for long.

  2. Ack. Bad timing indeed! Hope it works out OK. xx

  3. Oh no, I’m so sorry. I’m glad at least you have a little time and some severence. This economy is just so awful. Good luck brushing up the resume and getting back out there.

  4. Ugg how stressful, I am so sorry.

  5. I am so, so sorry. That is really tough. You know how to reach me if you need an ear . . .

  6. Oh shit! I’m so, so sorry. I’m glad they gave you so much notice but I know that trying to find a new job now can’t be fun. I hope something wonderful drops into your lap.

  7. Fuck. I can totally sympathize. Job searching is a lot to add to a very full ttc plate. I’m sorry.

  8. OMG, I am so so so sorry… Its nice that they are being so generous with the advance warning and the severence. It DOES give you a good running start, but it doesn’t make the outcome any easier… You sound calm (calmer than I even feel for you) and that is probably a good thing. It means you’ll be able to think clearly as you plan the transition. I worked for years as an employment specialist (counsellor-like person) and if you want any support with the coverletter/resume thing let me know (I imagine that up here its not much different than down there)… I am pretty good at the whole self-marketing and targeted resume. Although I suppose it also depends what field you are in, because sometimes these things are field specific… Anyway, let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

  9. oh sh*t! i am so sorry! 😦

    thank heavens for cobra coverage.

  10. Oh poop on a stick 😦 I’m so sorry. And the insurance – I hate COBRA. But must have.

  11. Ack!!! I am sorry to hear this news. I have no doubt you will find another job but this no less scary or overhelheming because of that fact. This is exactly what cobra is for. I love you guys. And I am really impressed with your calmness right now. xoxo L

  12. shit, i’m sorry mulberry. at the very least, they were good enough to give you such advanced notice. i’m so confident that you will find another job (one that you’ll love). i, too, am very good with resumes and cover letters – let me know if you need any assistance, as i’d be more than happy to help in any way possible.

    much love to you.

  13. thanks! you all have been SO great!

    to ease the stress, we have decided to heat up several indian dish tv dinners and put them all in fancy dishes, que up a bootleg copy of slum dog millionaire and enjoy!

    the frugal dinner and a movie πŸ˜‰

  14. WHAT? That is so wrong. Oooo! Send that dvd my way. πŸ˜‰

  15. Oh, honey. I’m so sorry. That is so scary. Thank god for COBRA (not that it is cheap, but still). I lie in bed at night worrying about my partner losing her job, since we are on her insurance. And since I freelance, the stability would all come crumbling down. So I get the gut wrenching sense that the worst in all of this is the health insurance. Definitely cobra, since they just approved both of you for IVF. Jeez. Big, big hugs. And how are the fertilized five? Thinking of you. So sorry about the layoff.

  16. That is terrible news. I really hope your BFP is around this surprisingly sharp corner!

  17. Fuck! I am so sorry about this! I truly believe that you will find a great position that will not drive you insane. COBRA is not wonderful (been there), but it will get you through. I’m sending you big love!

  18. Oh no, what a nightmare. I am sorry you have to leave a job you like, they are not always easy to come by but you will find something again that works for you. The timing is for shit and I am sorry you have to add this to your list of worries. Chin up girl, it’s going to be okay.

  19. holy shit. i’m sorry.

  20. I’m so sorry about the lay off. Terrible timing!!

  21. Hey there.. .I just stumbled upon your blog…

    those are very good numbers you’ve got there, and it seems like your doing really well post ret. That sucks that you got laid off…how dare they!! Sucky timing(not that being laid off at any time would be good timing)… you just have to think that when one door closes, one will open…

  22. I wonder why our doctor has said something so different… our RE has Laurie on a very strick, 1,000 sodium diet and only 1 liter of liquid per day. Interesing that your dr says to drink, drink, drink….

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