20, 13, 10, 5 what a numbers game this all is…

hello all…

we are at 2 days post retrieval and here’s what we have at this stage in the game…
5 fertilized embryos

what started as just short of 20 follicles went to 13 eggs retrieved, to 10 mature eggs in the batch, to 5 fertilizing.

we wait to see tomorrow how many make it to the freezing…

in the mean time, i am bloated and have the worst case of constipation EVER i was up most the night with the discomfort – and now am drinking metamucil like crazy. dakota is the one with the hope and enthusiasm this cycle. i sit and watch as she bursts with smiles and potential… thank goodness for dakota. i just don’t have it in me this cycle. i worry that we will have (what seems like) so few embryos in the cupboard for the future/backup – i sure don’t want to have to do this again!. i know that 5 is pretty good, but when you un-freeze them you never know how many will survive that… well, as i said… dakota holds the hope at the moment, so don’t listen to me 😉


18 Responses

  1. A wonders game, indeed. Let me hold the hope with Dakota, and you take a break. (And hopefully you can poop soon, too! Ack! Sorry!). Lots of love. When do they freeze? Monday? Tuesday? I’m pulling for the Fertilized Five! xo

  2. A numbers game, indeed. Let me hold the hope with Dakota, and you take a break. (And hopefully you can poop soon, too! Ack! Sorry!). Lots of love. When do they freeze? Monday? Tuesday? I’m pulling for the Fertilized Five! xo

  3. I feel your frustration but my embryologist pointed out to me very strongly that they would always rather fewer because it means quality culling has naturally happened and that gives better odds overall. It sounds strange but she was very right.

  4. Yeah…we’lll hold the hope with Dakota right now. You rest up and get that poop out! xoxoxo

  5. I believe in the greatness of your eggs no matter what numbers are being bounced around. I am sure they are perfectly amazing. I am holding out hope and I also recommend getting a present for retrieval and pooing. smile.

  6. Ha! Can I just second what tbean said? We’ll keep the hope dance going while you try to poop!

  7. I am going to listen to Dakota — I hear you too. I hope you feel better soon on the poo front. I think no matter the number your eggs are doing really well. xoxoxo L

  8. Congrats on the five beautiful embryos, I’m excited for y’all! Hope you feel better soon.

  9. I think 5 sounds really great! Plenty to feel hopeful. Sorry about the constipation – horrible, horrible. I get it too – horrible. Prenatals don’t help any, either.

  10. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You only need one of them to make it all the way. At least this time.

    Five is an excellent number. It is one of my faves. I always imagined it as a pretty girl in a dress. Perhaps because counting by five and adding and subtracting by five is so easy. So I like five. And I like girls. Women. So… I need to go to bed. I’m blathering!!! Yay for five!

  11. PS they have some yummy prunes in the store across the street. Eat up!

  12. Five sounds great. And remember to take this one step at a time. Easier said than done, I know. But you’ve got five now so don’t focus on the unfreezing and wondering if you’ll have to do it again. I’m trusting that you won’t have to do it again, that you’ll get pregnant this cycle and one of those icy embryos will turn into baby #2 one day. That’s what I believe for you. I also believe that the constipation will be over soon (I hope it’s very soon!).

  13. Five is a great number. Can I take this opportunity to remind you that we had five FOLLICLES? Just saying. xxxx

  14. listen here, lady-o…five is a decent number. your honey is right to have confidence…that baby will be your #2 some day! that’s so incredibly awesome.

  15. I know the big numbers feel more reassuring and I’m sorry you couldn’t get more peace of mind, but I’m full of hope for you. Five fertilized follies is super, and painfully cliche though it may be, you have to keep another important number in mind: ONE – the number of embryos that need to implant and thrive to bring you your overdue little one. xo.

  16. I also think that five sounds great. It is more than the number of children you want, so it could just be the perfect number. I am so glad you have Dakota to carry the hope for you right now- and you have all of us! I am thinking about you both and sending my love. xo H

  17. Five is great! Hang on to every last shred of hope in you…. 5 embryos is enough to make a team for a good game of pick-up soccer!!! 5 is the number of jackson siblings that rose to fame! 5 is the number of fingers on a hand, or toes on a feet. 5 is a beautiful, fantastic, number and until proven otherwise 5 little lives are completely and totally a possibility…

    I could not be happier for you guys!!!

  18. We will hold onto the hope for you until you can hold it for yourself. Hang in there!

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