Delightfully Inappropriate

Mulberry is lying in bed recouping from the retrieval, ice cream and gat.orade so I, Dakota, am again guest blogging.  At the risk of burying the headline let me first proclaim there were 13 eggs retrieved!   We won’t know until tomorrow how many are mature nor will we know for a few days how many fertilized.

My beloved spent a good part of yesterday and this morning concerned that she may burst/ovulate before the procedure.  It did not help that the anesthesiologist was late — climbed off his motorcycle  smiling, unapologetic, checking his blackberry and started his part of the job late late late.  This did not encourage sweet mulberry’s state of mind, but the doctor we love grumbled that he is one of the best in the business (and knows it) so his bad boy behavior is tolerated.  Mulberry was out for the count on the second poke so to speak, (deep veins sometime require several tries) so bad boy is all right with me.

Did I mention there were 13 EGGS?!  Before we left her office, our doctor happily noted that mulberry has exhibited inappropriate behavior for ovaries of her — eh hem — age.  Inappropriate as in unexpected, unpredicted.   As in seeing your high school english teacher  after class in the school parking lot looking really really good in cut offs and a muscle t-shirt which reads “Question Authority.”   Mmmm inappropriate.  Makes sense.   I have never known  the lovely freespririted/neosocialist leaning/community organizing/independent/multitasking/problemsolving/artistic mulberry to willingly conform to prescribed appropriate behavior so why start now.

Did I mention 13 eggs? With the ear to ear grin we are sending you all love and thanks for the positives you sent our way…



14 Responses

  1. 13! 13 ! damn… i am grinning from ear to ear too!! xoxoxo

  2. My butt is wiggling as I do a little couch dance for you….13!

  3. Oh, and your description of the anesthesiologist makes me think of Dr. House! Which must be a good sign.

  4. Excellent news! All our fingers crossed!

  5. Utterly fantastic news. Sending my best wishes and love your way…

  6. 13 seems like the perfect number for an “inappropriate” number of eggs! 🙂

  7. 13 eggs? that’s fierce!

  8. Woo Hoo! here’s to lucky thirteen.

  9. 13 is fabulous and very encouraging! Your inappropriate HS teacher description made me laugh 🙂

  10. Wowsa! 13 is fabulous, fabulous. Keep feeding that girl her ice cream!

  11. 13? 13? Are you aware that this month is the second month in a row in which we had a Friday the 13th? And how often does that happen? Every 13 years or so?

    I called her a stud in my last comment and I stand by that comment. Your honey is a stud.

  12. A baker’s dozen! How perfect.

  13. what an awesome egg haul! congratulations!!

  14. Hooray hooray hooray for 13 eggs!!!! How incredible!!! I am so happy for you guys! Wonderful news…

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