hello friends… i’ve been quiet on the outside, but busy and chewy on the inside…
we have a new plan, and it is well underway…

at the last minute we decided to add dakota to my new health insurance that started jan 1st. costly, and not a financially feasible plan for the long term, but woo hoo in the short term.

we have BOTH been approved for IVF. no day3 bloods, no 10 days of waiting for them to say no, no, no and no.

we are back to our earlier plan – yay!!

i am going in on wednesday for the final check before the egg retrieval – yep, i am all hopped up on gonal f and gonarelix and have somewhere around 10 follicles a-growin’ in there. i am most likely going in friday for the great pillage, and we will see what kind of embryos we can get out of them. we will freeze those puppies and be on to step 2.

step 2 is for dakota to pump full of gonal f next cycle, have me suppress ovulation and build a good thick lining and then we will harvest dakota’s eggs and do a fresh embryo transfer to me (and freeze any of her remaining embryos).

for any of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you will recognize this plan, it was our original plan before the insurance nimrods derailed it… we really want to start with dakota’s embryo and see if i can get pregnant that way. we are doing the harvest for my eggs as well because we want a plan for baby #2 or at least a back up for baby #1 and we know that i make lots of follicles when drugged – at least so far – and we want to take advantage of that while i STILL AM making all these follicles… we’re afraid that if i were to get pregnant with dakota’s embryo (very good news of course) once we were ready to try for #2, neither of us might be able to produce the eggs needed. i am, at least, pushing the limits of age here 😉

it is exciting… though i have to say it is weird to keep remembering that there will be no 2ww this cycle, though as dakota pointed out, there will be a 3 day or 5 day wait to see if any of the eggs fertilize and if the embryos grow well. so send us good snow baby vibes…

and i am sure that i will not miss the 2ww all that much… of course, it is possible that i will just obsess till i get her embryos in me and turn this from a 2ww to a 2 month wait 😉

ps – the super bummer is timing… i was going to be flying to visit and old friend of mine at the crack of dawn on saturday AND, since my friend lives near lizzie (of two chicks in pursuit of a babe), i was going to get to spend some quality time with lizzie too! super bummed that i had to postpone 😦


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  1. Wow! That’s exciting news to hear in the world of wildride42gals, for sure. Much of the IVF lingo goes over my head, but this sounds like a well thought out and highly coordinated plan. You know, a 3-5 day wait sounds much better than any tww I can think of persevering.

    That’s a fabulous plan for baby #2, too!

  2. Well, I am still bummed, too, but as we know, the canceled trip is all for good reason. This is such a great, exciting plan. I think it would be so dreamy to carry my partner’s embryos, so I am happy/jealous/excited for you – BIG TIME. Yay. yay. yah. Fingers crossed for the retrieval and the 3 to 5 day wait! xoxoxoxoxo hope in the pocket !!!!!!! yay for insurance !!!!!!!!! yay for you and dakota!!!!!! hugs & kisses.

  3. Excellent! Master plan delayed not derailed. I’m thrilled that you are back on track! I love the idea for making snow babies for TTC #2 now. I can’t wait to read your BFP post! Please keep us updated!

  4. oh wow, this is exciting! im jealous you are going to carry your partner’s embryos AND have a frozen batch for baby #2. what a great plan! keep us posted, no more long breaks from blogging! 😉

  5. I’m glad you’re quietly marching on behind the blog curtain. I love this plan. I hope with all my heart that it works beautifully and perfectly. I can’t wait for you two to be pregnant.

  6. Oh, this is great news. How exciting!

  7. AWESOME!!!! I am so excited for you both. Great the insurance thing can be done for now. Very smart plan. Sending lots of love!!!!!

  8. Wow–what wonderful news! So excited for all your plans!

  9. This is so exciting! Great news all around. Sorry about the delayed trip but it will feel soooo worth it when you two get your long-overdue BFP. I’m crossing my fingers for you just as soon as I finish this comment. 🙂

  10. That is great news! I can’t believe it all worked out so well. Woot woot! You have a great plan and it seems like all of the pieces are suddenly falling into place. Sounds like there may be a little Dakotaberry in no time at all.

  11. Yay to being approved and finally back to your original plan.!

  12. YAY! i can’t believe you kept this big secret! That’s awesome. I can’t wait – we are going to be IVF buddies!

  13. I love, love this plan – I can’t believe your retrevial is already here. Will you let us know if we can do anything? I love snow babies – espically when I know they are going to lead to a BFP.

  14. I love reading your blog. I get so excited when insurance companies do the right thing. Can’t wait to hear more good news! I also can’t wait to meet this amazing future baby.

  15. Does this mean that you will then have embryos from the both of you on ice?

  16. gawd, i can’t chek my blog pals for a couple of days and BAM– big news like this comes along! HOOOORRRRAAYYYYYY! I am so thrilled for you, that you can find a way to make it work. Your plan is awesome and I am so hopeful for you!

  17. I am so excited about this and I am wishing you both a great cycle. This is the one.

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