so here is how it went…

the doctor arrived quite late – he then had to face at least 10 pissed off women – (we, luckily had been alerted the night before that he was coming an hour later than the 9am we had been told, so we were only kept waiting the additional 15 minutes he came past 10am.)

the goods

the goods

can you BELIEVE the name of this thing?? all i could do to not have terminator scenes flashing though my mind ;)

can you BELIEVE the name of this thing?? it was all i could do to not have terminator scenes flashing though my mind 😉

for some reason that i have not yet been able to figure out, the conversation DURING the insemination started out with battle/soldier imagery as our doc described sperm and why our count #s were not all that relevant in and of themselves… it matters more if the soldiers are many but with clubs vs the better fewer with machine guns – just the kind of thing to calm a pacifist like myself (this all because we asked if the volume of .4 down after the wash from .7 was going to be a problem – he says those are not bad#s for frozen sperm, and the motility was great at 90%)… but not to worry, the conversation soon shifted to the *pope*?! someone cracked some kind of pope joke and then it was on to how awful the current pope is and whether or not pope paul had been a decent guy or not, there was disagreement in the room between the tech, the doc and dakota until i said, ”really, are we talking about the POPE right now??” it did keep the doc who was doing the insem – we call him ”dr i love me” – from talking about *himself* which was where he was headed before the pope topic took off… fascinating, huh?

and finally…


in my pocket, helping me keep spirits up and hope alive.

by the time i got home from the doctor’s office, a full blown cold had taken over and i have been surrounded by a sea of snotty tissues ever since.


17 Responses

  1. That is the funniest insemination conversation ever. Machine guns and the pope! Wow that is so wacko it is cool.

  2. Go hope go!

  3. The pope? The inseminator? Seriously?
    I am glad to see the hope!! Fingers crossed!

  4. That’s wacky! Go team hope! Best wishes dakota and mulberry…

  5. Um, how to describe that one? Colorful? Whatever it takes!! 🙂

  6. Definitely in the running for strangest insemination ever lol. Go sperminators, go!

  7. Awesome insem story! Of course I had to google it, and there does appear to be an actual movie (I think porn) called The Inseminator (

    Sorry about your cold – Fern is just getting over one too and so we’ve been sailing our little ship in the tissue sea too.

    I’ve got my hope stone in my pocket today too – yay!

  8. I got me a pocket full of hope over here too… Come on little guys, swim!

  9. LOL! Sending lots of luck in your direction!! (Oh and get well soon too) xx

  10. Yay for the Inseminator! I am glad the deed is done and I can’t wait for the good news in 2 weeks. Let’s make a plan to get together very soon, please.

  11. Yahoo! I’m sending you ladies lots of baby dust!

  12. Mucus is a good thing when sperm is involved!

  13. […] was thinking about my friends Dakota and Mulberry, who are just beginning yet another two week wait.  I wanted to somehow make it celebratory, […]

  14. Seriously!? Crazy. Hope the inseminator comes through!

  15. That is a very bizarre analogy. Hopefully it will be just one more quirky thing about The Cycle That Worked. Fingers are crossed!!

  16. the situations we find ourselves in when trying to conceive our children are so strange — not at all the romantic setting it should be! but, if it works, it works! wishing you lots of luck!

  17. Sending much love and hope your way.

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