doin’ it tomorrow, 9am

got good hormone level report on wednesday evening… and the follicles were about 14.5, 15.5 and 18ish. doc had me do one more night of gonal f and triggered last night at 8pm.

doin’ the iui deed tomorrow, saturday, morning at about 9am.

i have hope in my pocket…

… and, if this iui doesn’t take, we’ve got ivf (fishing for dakota’s eggs to make us some embryos for my oven) next on the docket – and ALREADY APPROVED through my new oxford insurance πŸ˜‰

well, dakota says…

– we should believe it’s approved when they give us the authorization… oh wait, ghi DID give us an authorization on the first one before they later told us it was DENIED

– we should believe it is approved after the insurance PAYS for it… oh wait, ghi DID pay for it before the told us that was a mistake and they would be taking that money back.

– well, she plain doesn’t believe it’s really approved, but we will go forward anyway πŸ˜‰


10 Responses

  1. hope in the pocket – and lots of love!!

  2. The plan is good, but I hope you don’t need it! Good luck!!

  3. Oh, hell yes! This is going to be the one, Mulberry. I’ll be thinking of you guys tomorrow morning.

  4. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow! I’m hoping like hell for you this try. I think you’ve got a great backup plan if this one doesn’t work too. I believe in the approval!

  5. Good luck tomorrow! I will be thinking of you both! Yay!

  6. Good stuff, you have a lot of options and a lot of hope left in your reserves. Keeping you in my thoughts tomorrow morning!

  7. Hope, hope, hope!!

  8. I like the idea of you carrying hope in with you for the IUI yesterday. Good luck!

  9. Here’s hoping that this IUI works. The follies sound fruitful and ready for action.

    I just watched Sicko last night, the Michael Moore movie about health insurance. Ummm, let’s just say here’s hoping the iui works!

  10. hope the IUIs are successful and “plan hope” is unnecessary! wishing ya’ll buckets of luck!!

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