so much has happened since my last post…

* we got an ivf approved for dakota
– this comes after the final denial on gh*i
– then we add dakota to my new insurance ox*ford
– then our office submited to ox*ford and they ACTUALLY APPROVED the ivf (and the approval is good for several months so we can use it when we are ready and not have to resubmit bloods etc.)

* it looks like we are going to be doing an iui with me in the next few days
– my doc put me on 75 of gonal f this cycle (after past cycles were higher dosage that produced TOO many follicles too quickly.)
– after several visits where my estrogen appeared to be dropping and after initial good growth, my follicles seemed now to be shrinking or at least not growing.
– it was looking like things were over – this cycle a complete BUST – the doc had me up the dose to 112.5 and hope for the best.
– next visit, the nurse said it looked bad (follicles seemed not to be growing), but the blood work came back showing that my estrogen had gone up nicely, so i am still in the running.

* i finally started back at the acupuncturist
– dakota has been begging me to go back, and with all the chaos and appointments and stress… i didn’t feel like i could deal with ONE MORE APPOINTMENT.
– i finally gave in, she is right, and went to first appointment in many many months 🙂 i am going back again today.

* i have been feeling overwhelmed with all the TTC and have not been in the mood to post, and sometimes not even to comment.
– i need to find some other things to do! fixating on this has been making me CRAZY.
– looking for distractions! spontaneous invitation to a retro showing of 9 to 5 at the chelsea cinema was a good start… (thanks babypants)

* i am trying to reconnect with hope


13 Responses

  1. That’s wonderful that Dakota’s IVF was approved! One less insurance battle to fight for now – that’s a good thing.

    I understand being overwhelmed with TTC and blogging. I hope you are able to find hope on some street corner or in the back of the grocery store and have a reunion. For now, I’ve got a whole heap of hope for you out here in mountain time.

  2. Things do seem to be on the up and up- so happy the IVF got approved! Hope you’re able to find some good distractions…I was always grateful for whatever took my mind off TTC, but it wasn’t often 😛

  3. yay for approved ivf! holy cow. that’s great news. i totally get the need to back off of blogging and commenting, i’ve so been there. p.s. if you find hope, let her know to call me back. xo

  4. That’s great Dakota got clearance for IVF. One less hurdle to worry about jumping through. It seems like things are looking up, I certainly hope so!

  5. Lots of good news! Who would have thought the insurance company would come through?

    I find myself overwhelmed by this whole thing too. Sometimes the blog is cathartic and others just a reminder of my difficult situation. I wish I could go to that 9-5 showing with you! That sounds great and would be a fun distraction for at least a couple of hours.

  6. How amazing that you got the IVF approval. That is HUGE. Yay. I’m so glad for you. And hoping that your follicles are still in the running towards becoming America’s next top lesbian spawn.

    Blogs are tricky…so much support…so much extra noise in your head. Sometimes taking a breather is really necessary.

  7. ah, that elusive hope. . .

    congrats on the IVF approval, that’s bound to take some stress off this process!!

  8. Woohoo! down with the insurance bureaucracy! Yay for ivf! Keeping the hope alive my friends!

  9. A little screen time with women’s lib is very good indeed. I think that hope is coming to find you. … I am happy to hear you are going to accupuncture. xo

  10. All very awesome. xxoo

  11. I’m cheering for you two. Wonderful news about the insurance coverage! Hey, I love 9 to 5 – I wish I could have gone to the screening with you ladies. Growing up, my parents told me they would play the VHS whenever I started to cry (I was three). Dolly, Lily and Jane were the only actors who could make me content…

  12. brilliant news. xxxx

  13. Finally, some decent insurance news!!! Its about time they stopped raking you over the coals with this. Hooray!

    As for the rest of your post– TTCing IS totally overwhelming. Take the time and the space to do whatever you need to to keep sane… I really hope that this cycle goes ahead…


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