many (many, many, many) tears later, it is still so hard to believe that the answer is – NO – we are *not* pregnant.

thank you all for the amazing love and tons of positive vibes you all have been beaming our way… we felt/feel them, they helped us keep hope.

let me just say for the record that estrogen patches and two flavors of progesterone a day can really fuck up your intestines, mind, sleep patterns, digestion, ability to have a sane conversation.

i can’t wait till this stuff leaves my system and i am no longer walking the sharp edge of meltdown.

goodbye 2008, don’t call us – we’ll call you.


23 Responses

  1. I am devestated for you… I was really really praying that this would be it. I am so sorry that you guys were not successful. Its so unfair. But you WILL be mothers soon… The biggest hugs I can muster from here…

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOO Dammit, fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooo sorry you both. I was sooooooooooo there with you. The meds DO mess up EVERYTHING!!!!

    Shit I am just so sorry.

    Much love.

  3. Damn! I´m so sorry. I have not had the heart to test yet myself but I fear that my answer will be the same. I will find out for sure in a few days when I am scheuduled to leave this magical South American country to return home. Needless to say, I know how you feel. xo

  4. So very sorry it didn’t work this time. Let 2009 be the year your wish comes true.

  5. I’m heartbroken.

    So so sorry. 😦

    sending love

  6. Oh NO! Really, it breaks my heart to hear this too. F you BFN!

    Love to you both and heartfelt wishes for a great 2009.

  7. I am beyond words sorry. I am thinking of you guys quite a ton. I love you both. And 2009 has got to be better.

  8. &$^#*@^%!!!

    I hope at least that last night of hope was enjoyable.
    Now I’m going to go find you and hug you. At least virtually.

    BAAAAH! Everyone here at my house sends love.

  9. Damn it! Was really hoping this would be the one for you. Giant hugs to you guys. Turn in early and tell 2008 to kiss your asses.

  10. I just have one word. Fuck fuck fuck.

  11. I’m really sorry.

  12. I’m sooo sorry, ladies. Sending my love and support your way…

  13. I am so sad about this. I hate 2008!

  14. WTF?!?! Sometimes the “powers that be” are just so fucking unfair. I am so sorry. May 2009 bring all that we wish and hope for.

  15. I’m so sorry. 2009 has to be better to us all.

  16. So sorry. And, nice to meet you. Here’s to a better 2009!

  17. Crap. I am SO freaking sad for you both. This is not how this cycle was supposed to end.

    Take good care of yourself and remember that we’re all here hoping hard for you.

  18. I’m ever so sorry too. Am sure 2009 will be much nicer than 2008. Big hugs. xxxx

  19. Just got the news….So So Sorry. I really hope the new year smiles upon you and Dakota. Thinking of you.

  20. yeah, fuck right off, 2008! Sorry about your cycle– here’s to 2009!

  21. May 2009 be the year when everything is different. I am so, so, so sorry. Just finding this post now, and so wishing it had been different. Love you lots and fuck, I’m sorry that 2008 went out on that note.

  22. I just came across your blog. Sorry it this past cycle did work. I hope 2009 treats you better. I’ve added you to my blog roll and I look foward to following your journey. You are in my thoughts.

  23. Tap..Tap.. Ladies are you still in my computer? Are you o.k.? I might just die without an update! ; )Hope you are well.

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