hope in a holding pattern…

went to doc to check lining yesterday. my lining is *ok* but not excellent. we are only gonna do this IF things are in the best possible shape for implantation. we only have 4 embryos, we can’t take a chance (and pay all that $) if conditions are not right.

she gave me two estrogen patches, which i will have on till i go in again on friday morning at 10am. at that time she will check my lining again and if the estrogen has kicked in and built up a nice fluffy lining, we go ahead… if not, we don’t

hope in a holding pattern…


8 Responses

  1. I will think good lining thoughts!!

    (or does that sound creepy?)

  2. Sending energy and keeping all things crossed for perfect conditions Friday!!!!!

  3. hoping, hoping, hoping…

  4. Hoping for you that the drugs do the trick….

  5. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Wishing you a whole cushy sofa’s worth of lining.

  6. I hope for the nicest, move inviting lining ever for you.

  7. Standing by. Wishing all things thick!

  8. finger crossed for you, toes also.
    Good luck!

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