if you have not yet read dakota’s guest post on my blog last night, please do…
dakota on homicidal thinking

it will tell you the evil story of how we came to this moment… and my words below will make more sense.


i was almost asleep, exhausted and so upset that we did not even have the chance to hope for a *christmas present* pregnancy, when i sat up in bed – had woken completely up when my brain put together this possible scenario…

what if we did a FET (frozen egg transfer)? i will spare you the long train of thoughts that led to this in my problem-solving half asleep brain… and just say that while the eggs that i ovulated are gone and there is nothing to do about them, we do know WHEN i ovulated and we do have 4 of dakota’s embryos frozen. as some of you know, the way it works is that the embryos were allowed to develop for 5 days and then the ones that developed well and looked viable were frozen. all they need is a readied uterus – 5 days post day of ovulation – to be dropped into and maybe – just maybe – one will implant and, well there you go!

i have such a uterus and dakota had just happened to take this friday off as a day to hang out with each other (and not lose vacation days that expire in 08) and friday is when this would need to happen. yes, the % of success is not great – but no worse than an iui (insemination) – AND it will cost us a lot of $ that the insurance company will not reimburse us for… but i would have a little holiday hope, and maybe… just maybe… 🙂

i emailed my doc, she was very game for us to try this. i started progesterone suppositories this am (L, i knew there was a reason for you to give me those).

i will go in on wed or thurs to see if my lining looks good and if it does, we will try this on friday…

fingers crossed, check book about to be emptied, feeling a bit hopeful again…


14 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness my goodness!! What an idea! Fingers crossed that all looks good to go!

  2. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade – you guys never cease to amaze me. I have so much hope . . .

  3. Holy Shit! What an inspiration!!! Oh wow wow wow…I’m really excited for you!!!

  4. I was just about to write, “holy shit!” when I saw tbean’s comment, so I’ll skip that part and just say, HURRAY! I’m so excited for you – this sounds like the perfect makings of a xmas miracle. I love this plan.

  5. Sounds like a great plan- good for you! And I will badmouth xytex to anyone who asks. Horrible.

  6. What a great plan!!! I am so excited for you (and for us, as a part of your tribe). When I read your post I was struck by how this plan just felt really RIGHT to me. I think Olive is right when she mentions this being a perfect xmas miracle. I am so hopeful!

  7. I can’t help but to be hopeful too. My heart is jumping with hope for you guys. xoxo

  8. These last two posts took me from devastation to elation! Love the idea!

  9. this is the absolute best turn of luck! i have my fingers crossed for you two.

  10. Ooooooooooooh! Goodie! What a great idea. I hope it works. xo

  11. ohhhh very very clever, I am so hoping right there with ya.

  12. oh, you are a genius!!!! Each and every body part is crossed and re-crossed for you…

    When I read about the mix up I got mad. Very, very very mad. That is totally unfair and I would scream and shout and make sure that they somehow make it up to you. Well, at least make SOME of it up to you, because they can’t make it all up…

    hugs from here…

  13. What a fab idea! And talk about being ready to turn on a dime. Wishing you much luck!

  14. Eh hem…I just want to say my sweetheart is Fucking Genius! (you are right half a dozen!)
    Thank you…

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