no blastoff… more of a standstill…

we arrived, the tank didn’t…

horror! (guilt on my part that we did not have it waiting way ahead as i usually do) and fury at the mistake/incompetence/and lies – grrrrrrr

we show up at 9:30, tank was supposed to arrive no later than 9:00am so the sample should be washed and ready to go. nope.

i sit wondering what to do as dakota parks the car. i have forgotten my phone at home, have not brought my laptop with the tracking number on it.

delivery guy arrives with box from our banks – yay – all is good, they are just a half hour late. nope.

lab tech unpacks it and calls us over, it is NOT OURS. in fact, it is not even a client at our doc’s office. we call the sperm bank, they are closed but have an emergency contact who calls me back about 20 mins later. they make up some story about our package being sent correctly, but ups making a mistake and treating it like a monday delivery and they tell me it is locked up in some warehouse in NJ. (i believe them, cause i am a sap – but dakota and our doc are livid and think they are making things up) the guy says that he will send us another vial that we have stored and we will have it by first thing tomorrow am.

dakota has to go to work, i take the subway home and when i get here, i check the tracking number they gave me and it indicates that the package was delivered at 8:41 (which is a lie cause i was standing there and saw the guy come at 9:30) but what this does show is that they put the wrong tank in the box. i got what the woman in boston should have and she likely got mine. i only hope that her people take as good care and send mine back like my doc’s office will.

and… i hope that the new delivery makes it to our office tomorrow by 9am like the swear it will. our doc unfortunately won’t be there and we will have some guy we have never met, but at this point, i understand the gals who look around and just want to jump the first guy they see to get it done! i will have sperm damn it!!!

i don’t care who does it so long as we don’t waste all these good follicles and 4 weeks of medicated nausea. did i mention that dakota has been singing to my follicles? she has made us several theme songs… i love that woman!

just thought i would update you all… now i am going to try and relax and contemplate the fact that doing this a little later in the window before ovulation might even increase our chances… might 🙂


10 Responses

  1. Oh for fucks sake would be soooo pissed too. Make sure they reimburse you for all shipping costs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That would be enough to push me over the edge! It not being there, then being there, then it not being there… sigh. I hope all is straightened out for you (so to speak) by your next appointment or sooner.

    Hope this is IT for you!

  3. Being at the mercy of strangers and counting on them to do their jobs correctly and trying to get pregnant are two things that DO NOT mix well. I feel for you–that would have sent me into a full-blown panic. Let’s hope this becomes part of your wacky conception story! 🙂

  4. Seriously, isn’t this their effing business?! Can you imagine what would happen if we did that kind of thing in our jobs? What is it with sperm banks?! Sorry.

  5. WTF?! i have to say i seriously admire your restraint. hope they sort themselves out and you get spermed up with the right goods soon!!!!

  6. That sounds really frustrating. You sound as if you are handling quite well; much better than I would. Sometimes these little bumps in the road bring luck. I hope it does in your case. Good luck tomorrow. xo

  7. Wow– sounds so frustrating! And you are a super duper responder to those drugs, eh? 8-10 follies??? Thats amazing!!! (dakota plus mulberry make 8? Doesn;t rhyme, but does have some kind of ring to it, eh?)

    Anyway I really really hope it works this time!

  8. Unbelievable!

  9. Oh man, I’m so sorry you had to deal with those lies! It’s bad enough that they messed up something so important but to lie about it is awful. I like the thought that this could make for better timing though. It could be an awesome conception story for your future little one. I’m putting my energy there!

  10. Oh no!! This is horrible news! And then they lied…
    You haven’t posted….but I hope you got the tank. I’m worried about a Sunday delivery though….I hope they get it to you.
    Crossing fingers that all went well and timing was right.

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