last cycle they started me at 300 ius of follistm, after a couple days they brought me down to 225… startled that my body made so many (6) follicles. (now of which felt like makin’ babies however) this cycle they started me on 225 ius of follistim, after a couple days they brought me down to 150… startled again by how many (8-10) follicle my body made.

went in this morning for another u/s and blood festival and it looks like we will be doing insemination TOMORROW, not tuesday or wednesday. i had a feeling – the bloat and slipperiness factors – that it was going to be tomorrow and so i brought my trigger shot with me this morning so i could do it at work if it came to that.

looks like it has come to that 😉 i will give myself a shot in the office bathroom and blastoff will be tomorrow. unfortunately dakota has to work tomorrow 😦

i remembered as i was leaving the dr’s office this morning that we have no more sperm stored there! oh shit! we have it all stored at the sperm bank in case we can sell some of it back to them – an optimistic choice to be sure! i called our sperm bank and paid the $255 to get it overnighted (sent two vials, wanted to be prepared for next time – a slightly LESS optimistic moment)

more when i know it…


4 Responses

  1. Yeah for multiple follicles! Man, I wish follistim did that for me.
    Good luck on giving yourself the shot–do you do it on your butt when you do it by yourself? That is tricky! I know–I’ve tried!
    I ordered sperm too late one month and had to do the same thing. It was so nerve wracking hoping it would arrive in time. Lesson learned the hard way.
    Thinking of you for tomorrow.

  2. YAY for triggering!!!!!! Sending many positive vibes and love your way.

  3. Wow those are some good follicles and I thankgoodness you had to feeling to bring your trigger to work. I am sorry that Dakota will not be with you tomorrow. We are going to be arround runing errands… but call us. I am sending so many fertile thoughts your way. xoxo L.

  4. Oh, good luck, girl! Go spermies! xo

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