never in my life have i been so excited to see drugs! i was a strange teenager and young adult. i didn’t use drugs, have any interest in them or even wonder if i maybe should. not for lack of access… all my friends (well many of them anyway) were connoisseurs.

but here i am, at 41, and the delivery that arrived yesterday had me dancing a jig. follistim – 8 boxes of it! and an ovidril shot. these are the drugs that never arrived for my last cycle just now catching up… but i did the last cycle on two boxes of follistim we had left in the fridge from dakota’s ivf retrieval – and it was plenty if not a bit too much for me – so this should last us awhile and we won’t have to fight with the insurance company.

feeling really sad about the bfn, and feeling psyched about the fridge full of DRUGS. what can i say?

hope you all had a happy thanksgiving, we had a taco fest here in brooklyn. it was divine.

xo mulberry


11 Responses

  1. drugs bring hope – that’s for sure! fingers crossed.

  2. Isn’t it funny how excited a box of drugs can make ya, even thought it means sticking yourself repeatedly and making yourself a hormonal mess???

    So happy for you to have them!!!

    Happt T day right back at ya both!!!!

  3. got fingers crossed here too xx

  4. Yay drugs! I hope these produce much more exciting results than the ones your friends took in high school!

  5. Glad you had a good taco fest!
    Woohoo! Yay drugs!

  6. Hooray for drugs! Hope to hear that you end up with leftover boxes in a month or so!!!

    MMMmmmm tacos. SOunds good…

  7. Drugs are good. I started taking mine this morning and couldn’t help but be excited. Sorry you missed out in college…those drugs were good, too;)

  8. I have to admit that I get kind of excited about new drugs too. I guess it’s kind of the way new school supplies can make me feel. It’s all very hopeful!

  9. Let’s hear it for the drugs! They’ve become some of my closest friends over the last two years!

  10. I’m joining you from the IVP ring. Coming from the other side, this roller coaster seems like a distant memory (thankfully) even though it consumed about 2 years of our lives. Hang in there!! Sending fertile thoughts your way-

  11. Fridge full of drugs = awesome!! Here’s hoping you have more than you need to bring your BFP at long last.

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