one week down…

one week to go… well, slightly less. we test on friday – yay!

it has been so hard to wait through the week, but my parents were in town from CA and that has been so great. they have been sending us good vibes and happy fertile thoughts, well my mom anyway – my dad doesn’t really do vibes 😉 i have been mostly hopeful – i really really want this time to be one that works… i think the fact that there were 6 follicles in there this time has made me much more hopeful than i have been thus far… that said, i have had many moments of certainty that i am NOT pregnant… the fact that the insane bloating that i had for the first 5 days after the trigger shot went away, the fact that i got a migraine, the fact that my boobs hurt less than they did a few days ago, the fact that statistically – it is more reasonable to assume i am NOT pregnant. arrrgh!

i can barely stand that i have to wait 4.5 more days till i know…


6 Responses

  1. Sending so many vibes your way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Only about 4 days now…wishing you good thoughts. That last week is mad.

  3. I so hope this is the one!!! Just 4 more days!!! (trying to put a positive spin on it.) I am thinking of you both!

  4. 4 more days, you can DO IT!

  5. Screw statistics! I’m so excited for you to test! Hoping, hoping, hoping like crazy.

  6. Miss you terribly, my friend. Sorry I’ve been out of the loop. Just popping in to see the good news that you spermed up this month. And with 6 follies! YAY! Will be saying a Thanksgiving hope/wish/prayer of a sort for you. Big hugs & lots of love.

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