the deed is done – yay!

– this am at 10:30am we did our iui – yay!
– i have/had 6 follicles (and hopefully a few good eggs) and we sent a ton of sperm up after them – yay!
– because it started so early, dakota was able to come with me before work – yay!
– because we finished so quickly (never happens) there was still enough time for dakota to come with me to meet the babypants girls for brunch – yay!
– because they are SO fabulous, after dakota went to work, the babypants gals came over to our house and brought a movie and popcorn and the three of us watched and pigged out on popcorn – yay!

life is good, i am feeling hopeful and surrounded by love (and insanely bloated and tired – but hey, it can’t all be good)


14 Responses

  1. hooray! i hope this is it.

  2. Go swimmers and eggs! That sounds like the perfect post-insemination day.

  3. Ooh, good luck – crossing fingers!!!

  4. Awesome! That sounds like a great day! (yay!)
    Good Luck!

  5. This sounds like an awesome start to !!!
    (crossing fingers and eyes and biting lip)

  6. You know if you get a BFP, everyone is going to start eating popcorn:)
    Good Luck!

  7. Woo hoo! Sounds like a perfect start to a successful 2ww. Let the countdown begin!

  8. Good luck this month! Sounds like it went great– a great way to start off the TWW!

  9. Hurray! Fingers crossed!

  10. OMG where have I been!!!! I didn;t realize you were onto another cycle already! I could not be happier for you! How very exciting… And 6 eggs sounds like you have a great chance! HOORAY! I can;t wait to listen to you moan about morning sickness!

  11. That’s great! What a fun way to start your TWW. Hope the rest of it sails by.

  12. I am so very excited for you. This cycle just sounds sooo good.

  13. I am really happy that we got to be part of your conception day story – every finger is crossed. Even spouts.

  14. Good luck, girl!

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