can you believe it? we did my trigger shot this afternoon and we have an insemination tomorrow (saturday) at 9:30am!

i have been on follist*im for 6 days. first two days at 300 and it was really working so they dialed me back to 225 for the next 4 days… turns out my body is REALLY responsive (possibly too responsive) to the drugs. i have 6 very large follicles and my doc said it is time to pull the trigger (or rather poke the trigger shot in my fleshy belly). we talked about the possibility of multiples but my age does bring that likelihood down significantly so we are going ahead knowing the dreaded selective reduction is out there as a slight slight slight sad possibility. i am not open to carrying more than two at a time – and would really prefer one given the added health risks.

i have been nauseous for the last 5 days something awful… any time my hormones are messed with in the least little bit i get nauseous 😦 i have the feeling that when i finally get pregnant, i will be one of those 24/7 9 month *morning* sickness sufferers – but if that is what it takes i will do it, and you all get to hear me moan about it 😉 for the last day or so i have been a little bloated and sensitive in the ovary area. after the wanding this morning both ovaries (they each have 3 follicles) feel like they have been slapped around big time – ouch! those months when i thought i could feel a twinge or two around ovulation time, now i know it WAS a twinge cause the twinge times 6 feels similar just way more insistent and uncomfortable.

i am planning to go to the Repeal Prop 8 rally tomorrow (assuming that i feel up to it) and am excited that there is action here in NYC to participate in (it is 1-4:30 at city hall in manhattan). I have been very upset by the anti-gay amendments that passed on nov 4th, even as i have continued to be thrilled at the victory and opportunity that we gained getting obama elected. i have commented on may of your blogs about these coexisting feelings of hope/excitement/joy and disappointment/rage/despair even though i did not post about it myself till now. i am glad that more is starting to be said in effort to bring people together, not push apart the gay community and the communities of color like i was hearing in the beginning. (for many of us, more than one of those communities is home. it is so destructive to all of us to play them off one another) i believe we can overcome this hurdle together and make sure that discrimination is stopped and that *all* americans have full and equal rights.

speaking of discrimination… my insurance company is not talking to me… they are pretending that i do not have iui/infertility coverage and has denied this cycle. we are paying out-of-pocket (sucks) and will fight them about it later. i am hoping that we get pregnant and i can spend the next many months fighting about the past services and i don’t have to keep trying to get pre-approval! we have not yet had the time to find out more about the recent *reversals* of the approvals for my last iui and dakota’s ivf. we are gearing up for that fight. ugggh!

for now, focusing on having good receptive eggs in those follicles!


4 Responses

  1. Good Luck tomorrow! I will happily listen to you complain about morning sickness 🙂

  2. good luck good luck!!!

  3. Wow, I hope the insem went well. I can’t wait to read all about your morning sickness – hopefully really, really soon. You’ll be so happily miserable.

  4. Just catching up.

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY for triggering and responding so well!!!!!!!!

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