i did it…

…for the first time IN MY LIFE i voted for a candidate for president who i REALLY like, respect and trust to provide leadership to our country. wow! i have been an independent for 20 years, i have worked on many a campaign, organized many a voter, and cast many a vote. i was happy and proud to cast many votes that were not about my candidate winning (cause there was no shot in hell), but rather were about opening up the process to include more voices, independent voices. and i’ll tell ya, they were worth it. it is no longer the case that elections are talked about solely as a democrat/republican thing any more (tho there is a lot more to go there). i feel truly delighted! i know we won’t know who won until late tonight (and maybe later if there are any shenanigans) but i am delighted to even be in this place. i know my father, also an independent, will see this as his old democratic party FINALLY coming through. i see it as we are FINALLY starting to transcend parties. yes, obama is a democrat, but he has not let his party affiliation dilute/limit his voice. ok, yes, i feel strongly here and i know many would disagree – but hey, it’s my blog 😉

on other fronts… work sucks, but i managed to get through the most horrible, disrespectful day on friday where my boss told me i had a bad attitude and that i better figure out over the weekend (and we would talk again monday!) if i wanted to *be here* given *this is how he’s doing things* – this because after he told me my role has changed and i no longer report to him, but to the other partner and i have no managerial responsibilities (and i have no team anymore), a 15% salary cut… etc… i was i bit distant emotionally, asked many questions to try and clarify my role (questions my boss kept turning around and asking me if i wanted this or that cut out of my responsibilities) and did not appear outwardly happy, supportive and gung-ho. plus i was not engaged in the usual ego fluffing i have been responsible for for the last 5 years – i did not hang up on him (we do all this on the phone because he works from his home office) i did not call him names. i deserve points for that! and after many conversations with my family and friends and many tears over the weekend, monday i called him (he conferenced in the other partner so my humiliation could be complete) and i ate some crow and still have a job.

*just have to say, my friends, roommate and loved ones were great getting me through my work crisis! my sweetie dakota was at my side plotting ways to do my bosses in and letting me know that we WILL get through this and my folks sent me the email below on sunday night, knowing monday was going to be hard…

Sweet Girl –

Wishing you a decent day tomorrow with a workable outcome.  Remember YOU have not changed  – you are competent, responsible & supportive of your team & your boss/es.  This is not your fault.  Continue to rely on your own good judgment – it has taken you far.

Go get um Tiger,
Love, Your Original Team

have you ever seen anything sweeter? i am so happy to have such great people in my life

i am waiting for my doc to call and tell me what our next steps are for this cycle. i am D5 and waiting for what ever meds i am gonna be pumping in to spice my month up 😉


8 Responses

  1. Ahh lovely folks, horrid boss (who reminds me of one of my ex boss-types – blah) and I am glad you have voted happily. xx

  2. Aww what great family, so good to hear you have that support during this crappy job time.

    Much love hun!!

  3. You have an amazing support system. Goooo team Mulberry! Remember to trust in yourself.

    Oh…and tonight is going to be special! I’m so anxious about watching the returns. I’ve already managed to bit all of my fingernails and chew at least 50 pieces of bubble gum.

  4. Sorry about the crow eating, but glad you have your job …. and more importantly, glad you have such an amazing support system.

    I was so happy to vote for Obama, too, despite his position on gay marriage, and he actually wants me to engage with the Democratic Party (am a total independent, too, way to leftie to really be a Dem). We’ll see. But for now, optimism! (I’d forgotten what that was in politics!)

    I was in downtown Chicago, in Grant Park Tuesday night and it was beyond amazing to be part of that. Hope he can deliver on these huge expectations!

  5. Let’s fight back on Proposition 8. Let’s boycott California wines, produce and travel. Let’s publicize it. Let’s embarrass them. It worked a few years ago in Colorado. What do say?

  6. Oh, I’m sorry work is so shitty. I have a hard time leaving shittiness at work and not letting it ruin my whole day/weekend. I’m sure your boss is on edge too and he probably recognizes that he was an ass even if he doesn’t admit it.
    And I am so crappy over all the anti-gay propositions that passed.
    But my god. I am excited about Obama. It feels amazing to live in that moment. Everything shitty managed to melt away for a couple days.

  7. I am so sorry about all the work stuff! I can imagine how stressful that must be, but – am so glad that you have such a great team to back you up. For the record, if you need anyone to come beat your boss up, I’m your woman!

  8. You have the sweetest family! The stuff with your boss sounds awful.

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