grrrrrrrrrrr…. no ovulation

we were gonna sit this cycle out… i was traveling, made no sense to put me on drugs and have me ovulate while i was away… and even if i ovulated on my own when i got back, we should save the sperm for when i am in the best position to make good with it – super charged follicles – several, right?

dakota could see i wanted to go forward, do an iui when i ovulated, so she gave me no push back to my puppy eyes and readily agreed we would do an iui since i was nearing ovulation when i returned. (i LOVE my sweetie)

yay, we were not sitting out! an iui was gonna happen any day now!

so here is the thing… NO OVULATION! my monitor read increased fertility for about 5 days and then this morning went back to one bar instead of going up to three/ovulation. honestly, if i was allowing myself to consider the symptoms, the sticky slick elastic fertile mucous went away a couple days ago and the cramping i was attributing to ovulation is probably my period coming. but when you expect something (like ovulation — or pregnancy) it is hard not to see what you *think* is supposed to happen.

disappointed, again…

… and, dakota had to go to work this morning and she is working till 9pm 😦  huge pout on my face…

yesterday was our anniversary, we celebrated by dakota going to work 11-9 and me taking dakota’s niece to a special ed seminar on college and career options and support that started at 8am. you ever tried to drag an 18 year old around and attempt to get them to participate in something they don’t want to do? boy are we all in *serious* trouble in about 18 years!!! (it saves her that i know i was MUCH worse myself at that age)

actually, i think it was a great resource and i think that what we learned there may ultimately help whisper (that is the blog name i am giving to dakota’s niece) in setting herself up to do well in college, high-school was SO hard for her. i did it because ya do those things for family and whisper is family. i did it because i love my mother-out-law, dakota’s mom, who would have been there herself (like she has been for EVERYTHING whisper has ever needed – and this child has had a life that would wilt your mind if you knew the half of it) if she had not had to go out of town for a funeral, i did it because i know dakota would have dragged her butt out of bed to do it herself – even though she *had* worked till 12am the night before, but she already had to get up early so she could go *back* to work. i did it because i love this new part of my family… the dakota part!

the good news, i took tomorrow off and dakota is off too! we will have the day to ourselves – boy do we both really need that! an anniversary present to ourselves, as it were 🙂

my little kittie friend, trouble, is sitting on my bed with me being extra cuddly… i think she knows i am having a funky morning. don’t you just love animals?! there is nothing that the sound of a purr can’t make feel at least a little better.


10 Responses

  1. animals are my saving grace.

    so sorry to hear you didn’t ovulate this month… wtf?

    happy anniversary – enjoy your celebrations tomorrow!

  2. Happy (belated) anniversary!! I’m sorry with the confusion over not ovulating or missing ovulating, etc. So frustrating to be out when you want to be in.

  3. ugh- sorry about the missed ovulation 😦

    happy anniversary though. and yeah, i find my bad moods are usually erased when my chihuahua is sitting in my lap.

  4. YAY for tomorrow snuggle do nothing time!!!!!!!!

    SUCKS the no ovulation shit. I just HATED whenever I had to sit out a month, especially for something beyond my control!!!

    Aww on the kitty thing, our pets really are the best!!!!!

  5. Oh, that sucks that you didn’t ovulate – how utterly frustrating! I hope you’re have a glorious, relaxing day off with your sweetie. Happy anniversary!

  6. The lack of ovulation this month sucks. I’m sorry you missed this cycle…

    Have fun playing hooky from work! Happy anniversary!

  7. So frustrating to miss a cycle with phantom ovulation. That sucks. I hope you have/had a nice anniversary.
    Every night I experience what I call “covered in cats” where all 3 like to be on some part of my body when I get in bed. It’s my favorite time of the day!

  8. oh that purr – it helps everything. It is like a chicken soup. I hope you and dakota have had a really good time today. Happy Anniversary!!! We love you both.

  9. Happy anniversary. And family, well, is family. You may have to drag a teenager around, but someday she will know that you made a difference by doing that.

  10. I’m sorry about the missed ovulation. I absolutely hate it when my cycle does not go the way I think it will. And you, my friend, have earned yourself some very good karma for taking this teen to an event that neither of you probably wanted to go to– you rock!

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