insanely busy, insane… busy?

i am distracted by the insane amount of prep and craziness that is my office right now as i prepare my team to go to CA at the end of the week… we have full week of meetings to run next week with about 250 execs… and every day my boss talks to us about the tanking economy and i have to have conversations (as the hr person) with my team about no raises, no bonuses this year, and lets hope we can ride out this plummeting economy and not have to lay anyone off… had to tell the gal who has been temping with us (temp to perm) that i just got word that there is no *perm* in her future and she can work here through october and then bye-bye…

’tis causing a fair amount of anxiety ’round these parts… and is doing NOTHING to relieve the already anxious me… dakota says (and so did the babypants girls while feeding us gluten-free pizza! yay!) that we *will* get pregnant, we *will* have our children… they are coming… some days i know they are right… some days i bury my fears and doubts in the insanely busy hustle of my work… some days (even in the most hustle bustley days) it won’t stay buried 😦


15 Responses

  1. You will you will you will. I feel it so strongly for you both.

    Much love.

  2. Yes! You will get pregnant and be wonderful mamas – I agree with all those smart people. I also totally get the fears and doubts. xo

  3. Ai Ya! I thought you’d stopped blogging and just today I see that you’ve MOVED. Stupid me. This is why I haven’t been commenting, just so you know….
    Sounds like you are having a stressed out day. Hugs to you.

  4. Oh, it’s hard but it’s important to stay hopeful, if you can, but this economy doesn’ t help one bit. Yah Dakota and her positive engery. We need more of that in the repro blogosphere. xo

  5. I recently found a meditation tape that is helping me. Helping me understand that I can invite my child to come, but I can’t make it happen on my schedule. This is so counter-intuitive to me, my over-achiever make-anything-happen self. But I’m trying. And I believe you will have your children. You really will.

  6. I really meant what I said. You will have a baby. I hope your meeting go fast and well. We had such a good time seeing you guys. xoxoxo

  7. I know how this feels. It is so hard to maintain hope in the midst of so much uncertainty (both in the world and with ttc stuff). Hang in there. You WILL have your babies.

  8. In the center of all the chaos lies hope. Keep hoping, keep going, you will make it to the end.

  9. Love and Hugs and yes, lots of hope!

  10. Mulberry & Dakota,

    I hope all is well in your world. May you have peace and contentment during the chaos.

    I’m tHinking of you…

  11. So happy to see you back– I wondered how you were doing! Work sounds crazy for you– With the economy doing what it is, I think many workplaces are frought with anxiety and fear…

    Hope its not bringing you down…. HUgs!

  12. Well, what’s going on?

  13. hey you
    i was reading up on what should be happening for me right now, day 8/9 after fertilization (because yes, i am choosing to believe that there was fertilization at insemination) …. anyway, check out this link. where did your nickname ‘mulberry’ come from????

  14. I too sometimes relish being so busy that it feels as though I can leave all of this behind, even for a little while. But you are right– it never stays buried. It always outs. Hang in there. I am thinking so much about you both.

  15. I’m not stalking you – seriously – I know you’re busy and in California (??) but I just found out I’m going to be in NY at the end of the month. Would love to see/meet you!

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