a definate no, nope, nada, no way jose

we are not pregnant… not even a little bit…

even feeling sure that the big *no* was a-coming did nothing to prepare me for the intensity of the disappointment/the funk/the perpetual weepy frown that started to settle in after the first negative test…

i am one unhappy gal

[thanks for all the well wishes, your hope that would not die… my little bits of hope enjoyed the company while it lasted]


17 Responses

  1. Aw damn, that just sucks and I am so sorry.
    A whole lotta love coming your way and a vibrational hug through the net to you both, long and warm.

  2. I’m so sorry. The negatives are a major sucktitude.

    I’m sending my love, too…

  3. Boo, that sucks! Snuggle a kitten and hang in there.

  4. Aw, funk. That is totally pooptacular.
    I agree with nutella. Snuggle your kitties.

  5. Oh, sweetie, I hate that it was a no. How could you not take it hard? What an awful thing to have confirmed. Lots of hugs and love from here to NYC.

  6. Yeah, even when you think you are “prepared” for the news, it’s all farce. It still hurst like a mofo. A sucker punch to the gut. I’m so sorry.

  7. How fucking unfair.

  8. i have to say, i am loving the love being sent my way and the outrage being raged on my behalf…

    thank you everyone! i am getting through the moment with your fabulous comments, lots of kitty snuggles and dakota (and shenadoah) checking in on me and giving me hugs…

    thanks! xxoo mulberry

  9. I am so sorry– you must be so incredibly dissapointed. I am so dissapointed for you. Glad you have kitties and a gal to hold you…

  10. oh, I hate this – I wish I could take the pain away. obvously I can’t. I can’t wait to see you guys. I think snuggling the kitties is the best protocal. I am sure it is helping a bit. (I am so happy that they are feeling bettter!). I am sending you tons of love. xoxo L.

  11. Darn it! I’m so sorry. 😦 I had everything crossed for you – wish there was more any of us could do!

  12. I’m sorry, honey. I know how you feel. xo

  13. So, so sorry. Thinking of you guys.

  14. aww…damn. I am so sorry, I was really hoping that hope would win out this way. I think Infertile women are due a little more miracles. I will continue to hold on to hope until you get the babies you deserve. Kep strong my friend.

  15. Just catching up to find this (not-so-new) news. Urgh. I’m so, so, so sorry. It all just sucks.

  16. Oh, honey! This sucks. I am so sorry. And I am so sorry that I just now realized it. For some reasons, your updates haven’t been coming in my bloglines. I was just thinking, ‘those girls are so quiet, i better go ask how they’re doing’ and I clicked over here and I see a ton of posts I missed ….. Big hugs on this bad news (belatedly). Lots of love.

  17. I’m sorry. This is just never easy. I’m thinking of both of you and sending lots of love.

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