8am on sunday…

* the kitties are home, such a relief… they are a little skitish, but full of energy and MISCHIEF. we may never know for sure what they had, but we do know that their white blood count was so low that the were on the edge of death… sobering

* it is 8am on SUNDAY and our upstairs neighbors are dropping of their 1 1/2 yr old son in a minute for us to watch him while they go into the city to get inseminated… good to have *family* in the building… but 8am on SUNDAY? had to drag my ass out of bed to be awake for when he arrives… love the little guy, but would rather see him in about 4 hours.

* it is too early to test, so i have tested twice… bet you read that and said, huh? did i read that wrong?? no, i tested yesterday am and this morning… nothing good to report. we thought we saw a hint of a line starting up top on the first day, but nothing today… i know it is too early to say for sure, but NOT doing much to make me think we will get a positive. i have been having cramps for 4 or more days, had a tiny bit of color yesterday and nothing since. either i am going to have the WORST period of my life, or there is something weird goin on… i guess tomorrow, or the arrival of said worst period will tell.

shaping up to be a long day 😉

xxoo mulberry


6 Responses

  1. 8am? That would be a luxury in my house lol. I have one who loves to get up at 6am.

    UGH the waiting sucks, I so hope tomorrow brings great results!!

  2. Testing early can be such a downer that I have sworn off of it. It is very common to get false results so try to keep the faith, though I know how hard it is. xo

  3. 8am is too darn early when it’s supposed to be one of the luxuries of not having kids…
    Good luck with the later testing!

  4. So glad to hear the kitties are safe and sound at home with you.
    Best wishes to you on your upcoming tests!

  5. I’m glad the kitties are well – that’s so scary that they were so sick. That happened with us when our kitty got diabetes – she was wasting away and we didn’t even realize. Scary, scary.


  6. Glad to hear the cats are better – crossing fingers for you!

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