feline distemper :(

we think the little kitties have feline distemper… dakota and shenandoah had to leave them at the animal hospital overnight (heartbreaking… trouble jumped back into the carrier, ready to go home and they had to take her OUT and leave her and squint actually used his kitty voice to show his great displeasure – something he almost never does) and they may have to stay several days.

if it is distemper it is very serious. the vibe in our house wavers from somber to hopeful to somber… we will disinfect the house and keep calling in for updates (so far the vet techs say they are doing well, eating and keeping it down, and they are so cute that they are getting a lot of attention there which is good). we will do what we can to prepare for them to come back home… i can’t even think about them NOT coming home!

we love them so much, these little furballs that hitchhiked into our lives just two months ago!

trouble (red girl on the left) squint (black and white fella on the right)

ok, doc called again and is woefully confused, they are doing SO well, she can’t imagine they really have distemper… that is GREAT and NOT SO GREAT cause that means we may be back to *no idea* what is wrong with our fuzzies 😦


5 Responses

  1. Oh I hope all stays well with them and it turns out to be nothing bad.

  2. typing this with one hand as other is holding a purring ball of fur on my lap right now…hope both kitties are better soon!!!

  3. That’s so upsetting – I hate, hate, hate, hate when we have to leave our kitties at the vet. It just breaks my heart that we can’t explain things to them and that they look so confused and hurt.

    I hope everything’s ok with your little ones.

  4. Those poor kittens! I hope you get some good news about them and they are able to come home where they belong.

  5. All the thoughts in my head just turned to baby talk at the sight of your furbabies. I hope they get better, whatever it may be.

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