cranky! R-E-A-L-L-Y cranky! [with edit]

4 more days till we test… both kitties are barfing and have the runs (dakota and shenandoah took them to the kitty emergency room in the middle of the night and it looks likely that *rubber bands* have played a role – they are on their way to get x-rays!!)… 4 more days till we test… at my job i have three sets of meetings to prepare for on two coasts that will happen within the next month and a half while my ENTIRE team is being consumed by a project that is unrelated and NIGHTMARISHLY flawed in its design and 1000% out of my control… 4 more days till we test… my sweet dakota is being under appreciated and disrespected on a daily basis at her job (on the good days!)… 4 more days till we test!!!

grrrrrrrrrrr……. it is only noon!

*** seems the kitties have something viral, likely from their time in the empty lot before shenandoah rescued them (waiting on the name of the virus, it was missed in the chaos of the moment – so i am frozen unable to google my brains out) dakota said something over the cell phone, while on the drive home from LI, about 30-80% recovery rate — that is a huge, big, scary range — i LOVE these little kitties! they have to spend possibly a week at the vet… so many questions… i asked for a distraction in my previous post, this was NOT what i meant!

tears in my eyes…


10 Responses

  1. Deep breaths…it’s all insanity the days before testing, but you want a nice, clear answer. Keep yourself as busy as you can in the mean time. Good luck!!!

  2. Ugh, so sorry for the craziness, the pool lil kitties and Dakota’s job situation. Sending much love and fast four days to get here with fantastic news!!!

  3. Only four days to go! (trying to be positive here). I really really hope you get good news on Monday! Until then, I agree with strawberry, keep yourself busy. I am sorry about Dakota’s job troubles and for the poor little kitties! I swear I did not give them rubberbands. We are rooting for all of you!

  4. Hang in there ladies, Sorry bout the kitties, hope all is well soon.

  5. Well, the kitties sure are a distraction! It sounds like you gals are quite busy these days. I’m with everyone above, try to stay centered and remember to breathe. I cannot possibly send enough well wishes your way…

  6. oh crankypants…. I am sorry this is so hard. It is always the end that really bits. I am thinking of you, and Dakota and those cute kitties. I am also sorry about the job fronts… both situations sound very frustrating. I am sending you four so much love – I hope you can feel it today.

  7. Hey! It’s 4:40pm now!

    Ok, that probably doesn’t make it seem like time is flying…
    I hope it gets moving and the kitties are ok.

  8. We had a similar incident with our kitty swallowing string – it sucked. Poor thing was in pain and it cost a fortune!

    Four more days, four more days – good luck hanging on. And I hope the crank vanishes.

  9. Hope the kitties perk up and that its YOU barfing in the next week! (Barfing with something more xciting than a virus, I should add!)

    I am so sorry about the sick furbabies, and dakota’s crummy boss and the overall crank-inducing situation… How about some toronto hugs? Here you go, maybe they will cheer you up…

  10. 2 more days now, right? ’til you test? thinking of you so much!!!

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