loooooooong week

tomorrow will be one week since our insemination. i CAN’T believe how loooooong this week has been. and they say that the second week is harder… oh boy!

i don’t *feel* pregnant, what ever that means… but i soooo want to be.

dakota is sick, coughing and sore throat – poor sweet thing. i guess this is gonna be a rough week all around.

so, you all better have lots going on to keep me distracted 😉


9 Responses

  1. So sorry time is going by so slow. As for feeling pregnant, well I have been 5 times now and to say you “feel” it is just not necessarily so. I have had months I felt SOOO pregnant where I wasn’t and times when I felt nothing where I was, so it is all a mind game (read mindfuck) in the end. I sure hope you are though!!!!!!

    I shall work on finding thing to keep you distracted.

  2. Hmm, hopefully we’ll have some happy drama of some kind to keep you distracted. This DID feel like a long week. I hope this one’s faster!

  3. Fingers crossed- I hope this week passes quickly for you ladies!

  4. I’m so on board with everyone wishing you two the best of luck this cycle. Good luck with finding distraction this week!

  5. The second week is the WORST! And when you start it already feeling like it has been forever….ugh…I feel ya baby.

    As for distraction–I have some excellent thoughts about baby snatching–wanna help me plot???

  6. I can;t believe its been a week!

    The second week really is the worst… I spend the whole time grabbing myself and checking ,yself and working myself into a lather where I have basically convinced myself I am pregnant. The 2 times I actually WAS pregnant I didn;t think I was at all.

    I suggest good movies, books, and of course, some guilty indulgences (for me, its always trashy magazines of the hollywood gossip variety!) I hope the week flies by and that there is some gold at the end of the rainbow come next week!

  7. I hope the next week goes by quickly.

  8. Soooo hopeful for the two of you. And so excited about your frozen embryos, too! Good, good news. Lots of love.

  9. The tww wait sucks (no two ways about it), but you are halfway through! Keep up the good work!

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