4 little embryos sitting in the freeze

4 little embryos sitting in the freeze

c  –  h  –  i  –  ll  –  i  –  n  –  g

we got our updated report from the embryologists and we have 4 great looking embryos that we froze today where they will stay till we get approved to put them where they belong… in my waiting uterus!

meanwhile we wait await the 28th to see if we have a baby brewing from the IUI, which would occupy my uterus for awhile 😉 but, as you know, we are good with that!


11 Responses

  1. YAY for 4 that is AWESOME!!!!!!

    Cannot wait until the 28th either!!!

  2. I love mulberry. You know what I mean? I just love you. xo

  3. 4 is a great number. I’m so happy for you both. xo

  4. 4 is very nice! May they enjoy a nice long chilly nap before you need them to become baby #2.

  5. oh I am so hopeful. So much good news, 4 embryos, a hopefully sucessful IUI…. You are going to be such a good home for those 4. xoxo.

  6. 4 snowbabies! Rock on!

    4 is my lucky number, btw.

  7. 4 beautiful embryos who already have two great mothers.

  8. Yeah-hooooo!! That is awesome news! Hopefully those 4 snowbabies can just chill out a little longer than you thought and be siblings to the bun that’s already in the oven.

  9. Brilliant. 4 sounds fab!! Got everything crossable crossed for you two. Oh, and I hope Dakota feels better soon!! xx

  10. It must be a good feeling to have some on ice! Here’s hoping you are pregnant already and you won’t need them!

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