we converged…

it was one stop shopping for us today…

– we arrived and i went upstairs while dakota put car in lot
– i checked in so i could get blood and u/s done before dakota went in for retrieval
– dakota got very delayed by the evil elevators being out (stressed my poor sweetie)
– dakota arrived and went in with me while i had blood drawn (they got it on the first stick!)
– we sat and waited for her to be called in for retrieval and for me to be called for u/s
– they called me for u/s and her for retrieval – off to separate adventures 🙂
– retrieval went great – 7 eggs harvested – drugs worked wonders
– i told doc that my monitor said 3 bars and i thought it might be time for insemination so doc wiped the lube off the stick so it would not interfere should we be ready and the u/s showed that i have a big huge follicle ready to go, doctor laughed and said, hey let’s see if i can pop it, he couldn’t…
– he confirmed my donor number and called the recovery to see if dakota was done and sent me back to see her while they processed my sperm
– i sat with a groggy dakota while we waited for my IUI to be ready to go and then they called me
– IUI, no pain, doc was friendly and quick
– dakota came into the exam room while i was waiting the 15 minutes and gave me pets and love
– we walked off into the fertility sunset (after shelling out 500 for anesthesia and 700 for embryo freezing that the insurance won’t cover)
– we await word on tuesday how many eggs fertilized, wednesday or thursday the quality of the embryos and then on monday the 29th we will have completed the 2ww and we find out if we are pregnant. all in all a good day!


13 Responses

  1. YAY for convergences!!! I am so glad all went well. 7 eggs is great!!!

    Sending lots and lots of love!!

  2. Wow – that’s quite a trip to the RE. It sounds like everything went great – that’s what I like to read!

    7 eggs!
    Painless IUI!

  3. Wow! What a great day. 7 eggies. You go girls!

  4. Wow!! That is some kinda day!!! I can’t wait to hear how the fertilization of both egg sets goes!!

  5. You girls know how to multi-task. One stop shopping, huh!?!

    Yay for 7 eggs and a pain-free IUI!

  6. Wow! What a day! You girls have really got this stuff down– you are good! Congratulations on smooth sailing all the way around!

  7. I love how you guys got to do it all together in one day. I hope everything goes well with fert/transfer and then time speeds the hell along to the end of September.

  8. I could not be more thrilled for you guys. A bunch of chances all at once. There is something very exciting about convergence!!! Wow wow wow! The next 2 weeks’ll be long for a whole lot of us!

  9. Wow, sounds like quite a day. May your waits be fruitful!

  10. I have such good feelings about this one for you guys . . . crossing fingers!

  11. SWEET!!!!
    Are you BOTH trying at the same time???

  12. I feel so excited about this!!!! Yay, yay, yay.

  13. All in a days work, you ladies are great. I am hoping that after the wait you will both be called mom.

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