shine on, shine on harvest moon… [with edit]

tomorrow (monday) is dakota’s egg harvest… i can’t believe it is finally here!

we made it through 9 days of shots with the grand finale last night at 1am – the trigger shot that i had to give dakota in the rump. it is hard to plunge that needle into your sweetie’s tender flesh – those of you who have done it know…

i took the day off work tomorrow and we go in for dakota’s harvest/retrieval at 11am. i am excited and nervous… i hope for many eggs (doc said she saw at least 7 were of the right size to be in the running when last she looked). we will be fertilizing and then freezing them.

i am still waiting to ovulate myself so i can do the IUI we have planned… i am at day 20 and am still at one bar (one being low fertility, two being high fertility and three being peak fertility) on my monitor. when i hit two i will go in to check on follicle growth and then EVENTUALLY when i get to three, IUI time. i am a bit worried that my body is going to take a pass on ovulation entirely this cycle and then we will have to wait till next cycle… hope not.

wish us luck and many many juicy eggs harvested tomorrow… and wish my egg(s) to follow suit soon so we can get on with the IUI…

[edit] woke up this morning and my monitor reads 3bars (OVULATION), skipping 2 and going right to three… did i mention the whole *marching to the beat of my own drum* thing? soooo, it is likely we will have insemination today as well as dakota’s harvest. can you say CONVERGENCE? turns out when compared to the fear that i would *not* ovulate at all this cycle, convergence is looking a-ok.

more when we return from the great egg adventure…


11 Responses

  1. Thinking of you both and sending lots and lots of love for Dakota’s retrieval!!!!!!!!

  2. wow. GOOOOOOOOD LUCK!!!! xxxx

  3. Good luck!!!

  4. Good luck to both of you! Very cool that they are lining up.

  5. Luck and love. I think there is some magic in that convergence, and I’m sending luck and love!

  6. Congratulations!! Good luck to both of you today. I am sending you both good thoughts!

  7. Just wanted to wish you all the best of luck, I’ll keep you in my thoughts!

  8. hooray, hooray hooray!!!! And Good luck Dakota– hope it went well and was not too painful… I am sending oodles of “swimming” vibves to you, Mulberry, and hoping for a very exciting report from Dakota!!!


  9. This is awesome news. I hope this is the best egg adventure yet.

  10. Whoa! Good luck to you kind ladies. I like the convergence – I think it’s a good sign.

  11. Oooh! Good luck. Let us know how many you get. I’ve got my fingers crossed for both of you.

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