dakota had u/s today and our RE says that she is responding well to the meds (yay) and we are looking at retrieval sometime next week. she did note that the folicles were lining up in a curious way… don’t know if there is anything to make of it – she mentioned possibility of PCOS but didn’t seem to want to go there quite.

meanwhile, since my body *just said no* to the clo*mid, i am on wonky time and still at one bar on my monitor. we are hoping for a convergence of follicles and that she and i both ovulate next thursday (yes, cause it is a convenient day for us to both take off work for a medical thingy. hey, a girl can hope) 😉 i do have to admit that a part of me will be REALLY pissed if we do converge though… then we will be all lined up for a fresh transfer, just missing the passport and the funds to make the trip. i like having the (de)illusion that we are doing an IUI cause we are not synced for ivf. sometimes i need my delusions…

i am hoping for now that i ovulate this cycle… i usually do, but as we all know, sometimes i don’t so there may be no IUI either… don’t go there… don’t go there…

can i just say that dakota is continuing to do great with her shots – tomorrow we up it to three different pokey items – oh, the joy. so far it seems that headaches are all she is suffering in the way of symptoms. she rocks!


5 Responses

  1. I’m so glad D is responding well to the meds! I think you should hang onto the delusions – they’re comforting and warm and aren’t doing anyone any harm!

    I’m hoping you ovulate!

  2. I second Olive’s comment. I hope this cycle works about for both of you. I’m sending some positive “O” thoughts your way.

  3. I totally get the need for delusions. So here’s hoping you don’t cycle EXACTLY together !

  4. That’s so great that Dakota is responding to the meds! I hope she makes oodles and oodles of follicles fill of beautiful bouncing baby eggs!!! And I hope that you ovulate just off enough, so that you know that an IVF transfer would just not be possible… Sending big hugs from here…

  5. I hope this cycle is the one for you– you certainly deserve it (and yes, I have divided the world up into people who “deserve” to get pregnant and those who don’t). And I’m not sorry.

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