this is NOT like building a bookcase…

we are 3 days in on this sharp sharp sharp ivf endeavor… poor sweet dakota has to have 2 shots a day 😦

she is a real trooper, doing great… i have been mixing and preparing the shots and cheering her on… it is going to get more difficult now that vacation is over and we are back to work. i will be staying up till she is home at midnight or one am to help get through the poking. i just can’t leave her to do it alone.

the first and second nights she didn’t trust that i was mixing the meds right. she thought i was not following the directions. full disclosure, i do tend to make up recepies, charge ahead without reading all the instructions, but i said, ”hey, this is different, it’s not like building a bookcase. i paid attention when the doc showed us and i read ALL the instructions!” nerves, that’s all it is πŸ™‚

please let these meds make lots of fat juicy follicles… dakota goes in for blood work tomorrow… and it looks like i am at least a week away from my IUI…

more as it unfolds


9 Responses

  1. awesome new blog!

    I am keeping all my appendages crossed for dakota your brave pincushion princess…

    Big hugs to you both!

  2. How exciting to be doing the ivf cycle!!! My fingers are totally crossed for lots of fat juicy follicles!

  3. Sending good thoughts your way!

  4. Fingers crossed here too!! xx

  5. Thankfully, the IVF cycle also differs from building a bookcase in terms of the associated power tools!

    I am so keeping you guys in my thoughts. Grow follicles, grow.

  6. power tools, my favorite! and i love the pincushion princess image…

    thanks for the good thoughts and crossed fingers


  7. I am so happy you moved over to wordpress. Love it.
    Poor Dakota — at least it is for a good cause. H and I bickered before she gave me shots too, and we did not even have to mix anything. The layers of stress are so deep. I am hoping for juicy follicles for both you soon!

  8. I hope the blood work was good and Dakota’s cooked up a nice folly. So much nervous excitement!

  9. I love the wordpress myself! I think I will be totally crazy about the mixing part– I will want Renee to do it, but I will be backseat driving (backseat injecting?) all the way.

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