gasping, waiting, oooh-ing

* thanks for the asthma advice and assurance that it will all be ok 😉 i am still trying drugs and have not quite found the right combo… am still struggling… i feel a bit better when i lay very low – like i did over the weekend, doesn’t work so much in real life. when i do any amount of walking, which i love to do, i get all aggravated again. by the time i got home last night, after a great visit in the park with pufferfish and then a good deal of walking around town, i was exhausted and not feeling quite right. i went to sleep very early and had bad dreams of not being able to breathe all night (i guess cause i was actually having a hard time breathing) they were weird dreams of of thick molasses-like goo-air filling up tubes and wondering if that is the way breathing was supposed to work… scary – i have called my doc this am and am waiting on call back about the next thing to try.

* [warning insurance complaint from person lucky enough to have ivf coverage through a secondary insurance – i feel almost guilty complaining!] we are halfway through the insurance approval/disapproval process… i have been ready to start my ivf cycle for 12 days (have taken 12 birth control pills to keep me in the limbo place before we can really get started). doctor’s office has sent the pre-authorization in to my primary insurance and it took them 5 seconds to reject it – we knew they would, but it took several days for them to do it in writing and we had to wait for that to be able to send the request off to my secondary insurance… we finally sent that off on friday. i now wait with baited breath to see if they will approve as they are supposed to or if they find a way to reject it. gives a new meaning to the 2ww.

* dakota’s cousin just returned from africa where she adopted (after a very long 2 year process) a beautiful little girl (who looks *amazingly* just like the cousin when she was her age – 18 months) it is soooo exciting and dakota is off work today and on her way over to meet the little one. i am so jealous. there was much oooh-ing and ah-ing over the photos and i want to go meet the little one in person too!


5 Responses

  1. hi there. sorry you’re still struggling with the asthma. hope your doc can sort out the meds for you!

    also, what is secondary insurance???

    congrats to your family on the adoption!

  2. thanks lizzie…

    i have insurance through my job [primary ins for me] and am also on dakota’s insurance through her job [thus my secondary ins] because her’s covers ivf (miracle of miracles!)

  3. Oh I hope they approve it!! And soon. Congratulations on the new addition to your family and I am sorry you can’t also go to meet her.

  4. hey- I wanted to thank you so much for your comments on my blog (and leading me to yours). I hope the asthma stuff gets worked out very soon and that you get the approval that you are waiting for– even “good” insurance is a pain!

  5. good luck sorting out the insurance stuff. Even amazing insurance that covers IVF still has enough bureaucracy and red tape to make you want to throw things.

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